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We Were Here Together is a brand new co-op adventure game by Total Mayhem Games – and a pretty solid one, too. And I am here today to share with you a complete walkthrough for We Were Here Together.

In our series of articles, we will cover everything you need to do in order to beat the game – so if you ever get stuck, make sure to check out this walkthrough guide here and you’ll be quickly back on track.

We’re starting the series with the full solution to the first two chapters in We Were Here Together. Things start out relatively easy, but they become more and more complicated as you progress and this is why we’re here to help.

We Were Here Together Chapter 1 Walkthrough (The Signal)

Getting the Valves / Wheels

First thing that you have to do in the game is to get out of your room and find your partner in one of the other rooms. Then, your first challenge is to collect the wheels (aka Valves) that are scattered throughout the cabin.

We Were Here Together - Walkthrough: Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 Solution - Common Sense Gamer (1)

They are relatively easy to find and all that you have to do is explore the area. Here are their locations:

1. As soon as you exit your room, get into the radio room (pictured above) and grab the valve.

2. Out in the main room, to the left of the radio room, you will find one on the kitchen counters to the left.

3. Go to the other side of the room, where the wood stove is, and grab the third one to the side of the stove itself.

4. Go outside and explore to the left side of the building until you get behind the house and find a wheel that’s frozen (inside an ice block). Pick it up and bring it back in, then place it on the stove to let the ice melt. Afterwards, pick it up.

5. For the final valve, you will also have to go outside: find the area where snow is high enough to allow you to get on the roof – and find the final wheel under the radio antenna there.

The Radio Signal

Next thing on the Agenda is fixing that radio signal. In order to do this, you will have to get back on the roof and place the wheel with a plus sign on the radio signal equipment bit.

And this is where things get a bit complicated, because you will have to work with your partner in order to get this sorted out: one of you must stay on the roof, while the other has to go back in the radio room inside the house.

Once you’re both in position, you start working to fix the radio signal:

The player on the house will switch the wheel to the right until you get that colored wave on the screen that gives you a voice transmission (I only took a screenshot of the purple one, which is not it – it’s a music station):

We Were Here Together - Walkthrough: Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 Solution - Common Sense Gamer (2)

The other player in the room will have to push the buttons in there (without actually seeing anything) until the green line matches the pattern of the colored one. First work the height (by pushing the down or up arrow on the control station), then the speed, by adjusting with the left or right arrow.

When you get this done, you will either hear music or a voice. You need to get the voice radio – unfortunately, we didn’t write down the color that it should be correct (could be random with each playthrough) but judging on the colors from the bottom screen, we believe that it was the BLUE line that you need to match. So start with that.

The Coordinates

Now that you finally have radio, go to the room with the map inside the house. That’s where you will have to use the wheel to pinpoint the correct locations on the map, This is again something that you must to together with your partner, otherwise the wheels reset.

So one of you must stay with the left wheel (that controls movement right-left) and the other one with the right wheel (controlling up-down movement).

If you want to try and solve it by yourself, I am listing the coordinates below. But if you don’t manage, I have the solution in the photo below (as well as explain how to do it):

Charlie 753 (C753)
Beta 754

Delta 195 (D195)
Echo 469

Beta 481 (B481)
Charlie 447

I am not sure if you must triangulate the position in the correct order, but you might as well try this: first go to the hut in the upper left side of the screen, then go to the tower below it, towards the button and finally the cabin on the hills, slightly to the right:

We Were Here Together - Walkthrough: Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 Solution - Common Sense Gamer (3)

The vehicle

Now that you know the location of the people transmitting on the radio, you need to actually go out there and save them. But first, you need to fuel up your vehicle.

In order to do this, one player must go outside where the tanks are, while the other should stay near the reservoir that’s in the garage, close to the truck.

The player outside will have to pull the levers with the number 7 under them on each tank, while the one inside will have to pull the -8 signs (as you need to get the tank to 6).

Once you’ve done this, both players should move to the vehicle and get in.

We Were Here Together Chapter 2 Walkthrough (The Elevators)

We Were Here Together - Walkthrough: Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 Solution - Common Sense Gamer (4)

This one is pretty annoying, actually… and you’ll probably end up hating elevators afterwards. I know we did, but we eventually figured them out, so here’s what you have to do to go up the mountain.

First, both players should get inside the first elevator (with a diamond drawing on the floor) and go up.

Now, the two players must split up: one must go to the elevator with the dynamite to the right, and the other to the left. The player in the left elevator has to go down twice (hit the down arrow twice), taking the other one up.

The player to the right should exit the elevator, while the one to the left goes up once. Then the player to the right should hop on the top of the elevator and go down, to enter the pickaxe elevator again, then go up, taking the left player to an area where they can access the dynamite elevator once more.

The left player should go in the left elevator and go down (bringing it up for the one to the right). That player should climb on top of the elevator and then go down (as the player to the left goes up).

Now both players should get back in the mine cart elevators. The player to the right should go up twice and exit the elevator, going over the top of the elevator in front and all the way to the dinosaur elevator.

Then, they should go down once and back to the pickaxe elevator and take it up – them go down once more to their dinosaur elevator.

The player to the left should get to the dinosaur elevator as well by getting on top of their pickaxe elevator. When they are both in, one of them should go all the way to the top and exit the elevator, then the other one does the same.

And finally, both players should pull the switches next to the entrance at the same time, then enter the cave.

This would be our guide to the first two chapters of We Were Here Together. Stay tuned, as we’re working hard to come back with the solutions to the next chapters as well!

If you have additional questions of any sorts, don’t hesitate to let us all know by sharing your comments below. Also let us know if there are any alternative (maybe easier) solutions to the puzzles and challenges in these first two chapters.

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