The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey/Transcript (2023)

Transcript for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.'Note: Ian Holm portraying Bilbo will be referred to as "Older Bilbo Baggins" while Martin Freeman portraying bilbo will be referred to as just "Bilbo" or "Bilbo Baggins"


  • Older Bilbo Baggins:My dear Frodo:You asked me once if I had told you everything there was to know about my adventures. And while I can honestly say I have told you the truth I may not have told you all of it. I am old now, Frodo. I'm not the same Hobbit I once was. I think it is time for you to know what really happened. It began long ago in a land far away to the east the like of which you will not find in the world today. There was the city of Dale. Its markets known far and wide. Full of the bounties of vine and vale. Peaceful and prosperous. For this city lay before the doors of the greatest kingdom in Middle-earth: Erebor. Stronghold of Thror, King Under the Mountain. Mightiest of the Dwarf Lords. Thror ruled with utter surety never doubting his house would endure for his line lay secure in the lives of his son and grandson.

Ah, Frodo. Erebor. Built deep within the mountain itself the beauty of this fortress city was legend. Its wealth lay in the earth in precious gems hewn from rock and in great seams of gold running like rivers through stone. The skill of the Dwarves was unequaled fashioning objects of great beauty out of diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire. Ever they delved deeper, down into the dark. And that is where they found it. The Heart of the Mountain. The Arkenstone. Thror named it "The King's Jewel." He took it as a sign, a sign that his right to rule was divine. All would pay homage to him. Even the great Elven King, Thranduil. As the great wealth of the Dwarves grew their store of good will ran thin. No one knows exactly what began the rift. The Elves say the Dwarves stole their treasure. The Dwarves tell another tale. They say the Elf King refused to give them their rightful pay.

It is sad, Frodo, how old alliances can be broken. How friendships between peoples can be lost. And for what? But the years of peace and plenty were not to last. Slowly the days turned sour and the watchful nights closed in. Thror's love of gold had grown too fierce. A sickness had begun to grow within him. It was a sickness of the mind. And where sickness thrives bad things will follow. The first they heard was a noise like a hurricane coming down from the North. The pines on the mountain creaked and cracked in the hot, dry wind.

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  • Young Thorin Oakenshield:Balin, sound the alarm. Call out the guard. Do it now!
  • Younger Balin:What is it?
  • Young Thorin Oakenshield: Dragon. Dragon!
  • Old Bilbo Baggins: He was a firedrake from the North. Smaug had come. Such wanton death was dealt that day. For this city of Men was nothing to Smaug. His eye was set on another prize. For dragons covet gold with a dark and fierce desire. For a dragon will guard his plunder as long as he lives.
  • Young Thorin Oakenshield: Run for your lives! Ah! Help us!
  • Old Bilbo Baggins: Thranduil would not risk the lives of his kin against the wrath of the dragon. No help came from the Elves that day nor any day since. Robbed of their homeland, the Dwarves of Erebor wandered the wilderness a once mighty people brought low. The young Dwarf prince took work where he could find it laboring in the villages of Men. But always he remembered the mountain smoke beneath the moon the trees like torches blazing bright. For he had seen dragon fire in the sky and a city turned to ash. And he never forgave and he never forgot.

That, my dear Frodo, is where I come in. For, quite by chance, and the will of a Wizard fate decided I would become part of this tale. It began... Well, it began as you might expect. In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole full of worms and oozy smells. This was a Hobbit hole. And that means good food, a warm hearth and all the comforts of home. Thank you.

  • Old Bilbo: Thank you.
  • Frodo: What’s this?
  • Old Bilbo: That is private. Keep your sticky paws off!
  • Old Bilbo: It’s not ready yet.
  • Frodo: Not ready for what?
  • Old Bilbo: Reading.
  • Old Bilbo: What on earth are these?
  • Frodo: Replies to the party invitations.
  • Old Bilbo: Ah! Good gracious! Is it today?
  • Frodo: They all say they’re coming, except for the Sackville-Bagginses, who are demanding you ask them in person.
  • Old Bilbo: Are they, indeed. Over my dead body.
  • Frodo: They’d probably find that quite agreeable. They seem to think you have tunnels overflowing with gold.
  • Old Bilbo: It was one small chest, hardly overflowing. And it still smells of troll.
  • Frodo: What on earth are you doing?
  • Old Bilbo: Taking precautions. You know I caught her making off with the silverware once.
  • Frodo: Who?
  • Old Bilbo: Lobelia Sackville-Baggins. She had all my spoons stuffed in her pockets. Dreadful woman. Make sure you keep an eye on her after I’m… When I’m…when…
  • Frodo: When you’re…what?
  • Old Bilbo: It’s nothing. Nothing.
  • Frodo: You know, some people are beginning to wonder about you, uncle.
  • Old Bilbo: Hmm?
  • Frodo: They think you’re becoming odd.
  • Old Bilbo: Odd?
  • Frodo: Well, unsociable.
  • Old Bilbo: Unsociable, me? Nonsense. Be a good lad and put that on the gate.
  • Frodo: Do you think he’ll come?
  • Old Bilbo: Who?
  • Frodo: Gandalf.
  • Old Bilbo: Oh, he wouldn’t miss a chance to let off his whiz poppers. He’ll give us quite a show, you’ll see.
  • Frodo: Right then. I am off.
  • Old Bilbo: Off to where?
  • Frodo: Eastfarthing woods. I’m going to surprise him.
  • Old Bilbo: Well, go on then. You don’t want to be late. [voice over] He doesn’t approve being late. Not that I ever was. In those days, I was always on time. I was entirely respectable, and nothing unexpected…ever happened.

Scene 2: Bilbo meeting Gandalf

Bilbo Baggins: Good morning.
Gandalf: What do you mean? Do you wish me a good morning or do you mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not? Or perhaps you mean to say that you feel good on this particular morning? Or are you simply stating that this is a morning to be good on? Hm?
Bilbo Baggins: All of them at once, I suppose.
Gandalf: Hmm.
Bilbo Baggins: Can I help you?
Gandalf: That remains to be seen. I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure.
Bilbo Baggins: An adventure? No, I don't imagine anyone west of Bree would have much interest in adventures. Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things. Make you late for dinner. Heh, heh. Mm. Huh. Hmm. Oh. Ah. Good morning.
Gandalf: To think that I should have lived to be "good morninged" by Belladonna Took's son as if I were selling buttons at the door.
Bilbo Baggins: Beg your pardon?
Gandalf: You've changed, and not entirely for the better, Bilbo Baggins.
Bilbo Baggins: I'm sorry, do I know you?
Gandalf: Well, you know my name, although you don't remember I belong to it. I'm Gandalf. And Gandalf means...
Bilbo Baggins: Gandalf? Not Gandalf the wandering Wizard... ...who made such excellent fireworks? Old Took used to have them on Midsummer's Eve. Heh, heh. Ahem. No idea you were still in business.
Gandalf: And where else should I be?
Bilbo Baggins: Where else...? Ahem.
Gandalf: Well, I'm pleased to find you remember something about me... ...even if it's only my fireworks. Yes. Well, that's decided. It'll be very good for you (Bilbo looks at Gandalf confused) and most amusing for me. I shall inform the others.
Bilbo Baggins: Inform the who? What? No. No. No... Wait. We do not want any adventures here, thank you. Not today. Not... I suggest you try Over the Hill or Across the Water. Good morning.

Farmer(Mr. Worrywort): "Hello, Mr. Bilbo. Here. Have a feel of me tubers. Nice and firm, they are. Just come in from West Farthing."
Bilbo Baggins: "Very impressive, Mr. Worrywort. Now, I don't suppose you've seen a Wizard lurking around these parts?"
Mr. Worrywort: "A tall fellow? Long, gray beard? Pointy hat...? Can't say I have."

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Bilbo is about to eat, but the doorbell rings before he begins to.

  • Dwalin: Dwalin, at your service.
  • Bilbo Baggins: Hm. Uh... Bilbo Baggins, at yours. Do we know each other?
  • Dwalin: No. Which way, laddie? Is it down here?
  • Bilbo Baggins: Is what down where?
  • Dwalin: Supper. He said there'd be food and lots of it.
  • Bilbo Baggins: He... He said? Who said?
  • Dwalin: Mmm. Mmm. Very good, this. Any more?
  • Bilbo Baggins: What? Oh, yes, yes. Ah. Help yourself. Hmm. It's just that, um, I wasn't expecting company.
  • Dwalin: That'll be the door.
  • Balin: Balin, at your service.
  • Bilbo Baggins: Good evening.
  • Balin: Yes. Yes, it is. Though I think it might rain later.
  • Bilbo Baggins: Hm?
  • Balin: Am I late?
  • Bilbo Baggins: Late for what?
  • Balin: Oh! Ha, ha! Evening, brother.
  • Dwalin: By my beard...'re shorter and wider than last we met.
  • Balin: Wider, not shorter. Sharp enough for both of us.
  • Bilbo Baggins: Uh, excuse me? Sorry, I hate to interrupt. But the thing is, I'm not entirely sure you're in the right house.
  • Balin: Have you eaten?
  • Bilbo: It's not that I don't like visitors. I like visitors as much as the next Hobbit. But I do like to know them before they come "visiting".
  • Dwalin: What is this?
  • Balin: I don't know. I think it's cheese. Gone blue.
  • Dwalin:It's riddled with mold.
  • Bilbo:The thing is, I don't know either of you. Not in the slightest. I don't mean to be blunt, but I had to speak my mind. I'm sorry.
  • Balin: You think...? Apology accepted.Now, fill it up, brother, don't stint.
  • Dwalin: You wanna get stuck in?
  • Balin: I could eat again if you insist, brother.
  • Fili: Fili.
  • Kili: And Kili.
  • Fili and Kili: At your service.
  • Kili: You must be Mr. Baggins.
  • Bilbo: No! You can’t come in, you’ve come to the wrong house.
  • Kili: What?! Has it been canceled?
  • Fili: No one told us.
  • Bilbo: Can…! No, nothing’s been canceled.
  • Kili: That’s a relief.
  • Fili: Careful with these, I just had them sharpened.
  • Kili: It’s nice, this place. Did you do it yourself?
  • Bilbo: Uh…no, it’s been in the family for years. That’s my mother’s glory box, can you please not do that?
  • Dwalin: Fili, Ki­li, come on, give us a hand.
  • Kili: Mr. Dwalin.
  • Balin: Let’s shove this in the hole, or otherwise we’ll never get everyone in.
  • Bilbo: Ev…everyone?! How many more are there? Oh, no! No, no. There’s nobody home! Go away, and bother somebody else! There’s far too many dwarves in my dining room as it is. If…if this is some blockhead’s idea of a joke, I can only say, it is in very poor taste!
  • One of the Dwarves: Get off, you big lump!
  • [Gandalf pokes his head through the door]
  • Bilbo: Gandalf.
  • Bilbo: Those are my… Excuse me, not my wine! Put that back. Put that back! Not the jam, please. Excuse me. Ex…Excuse me. A tad excessive, isn’t it? Have you got a cheese knife?
  • Bofur: A cheese knife? He eats it by the block.
  • Bilbo: No no, that’s Grandpa Mungo’s chair, no…uh, so is that. Take it back, please. Take it back, this is antique, not for sitting on. Thank you. That is a book, not a coaster. Uh…put that map down.
  • Dori: Excuse me, Mr. Gandalf.
  • Gandalf: Yes?
  • Dori: May I tempt you with a cup of chamomile?
  • Gandalf: Ooh, no thank you, Dori. A little red wine, for me I think.
  • Gandalf: Uh..Fili, Kili. Uh…Oin, Gloin. Dwalin, Balin. Bifur, Bofur, Bombur. Dori, Nori.
  • Bilbo: No, no. Not my prize winners, thank you.
  • Gandalf: Ori!
  • Gandalf: Yes, you are quite right, Bifur. We appear to be one dwarf short.
  • Dwalin: He is late, is all. He traveled north to a meeting of our kin, he will come.
  • Dori: Mr. Gandalf?
  • Gandalf: Hmm?
  • Dori: A little glass of red wine as requested, it’s got a fruity bouquet.
  • Gandalf: Oh, cheers.
  • Fili: Who wants an ale? There you go.
  • Oin: Let me have another drink.
  • Balin: Here you go.
  • Bofur: Hey, on the count of three! One! Two! Come!
  • Bilbo: Ex…excuse me, that is a doily, not a dish cloth.
  • Bofur: But it’s full of holes!
  • Bilbo: It’s supposed to look like that, it’s crochet.
  • Bofur: Oh, and a wonderful game it is too, if you got the balls for it.
  • Bilbo: Bebother and confusticate these dwarves!
  • Gandalf: My dear Bilbo, what on earth is the matter?
  • Bilbo: What’s the matter? I am surrounded by dwarves. What they’re doing here?
  • Gandalf: Oh, they’re quite a merry gathering, once you get used to them.
  • Bilbo: I don’t want to get used to them. Look at the state of my kitchen! There’s mud trod in the carpet, they…they’ve pillaged the pantry! I’m not even gonna tell you what they’ve done in the bathroom, they’ve all but destroyed the plumbing! I don’t understand what they’re doing in my house!
  • Ori: Excuse me, I’m sorry to interrupt. But what should do with my plate?
  • Fili: Here you go, Ori, give it to me.
  • Bilbo: Excuse me! That’s my mother’s Westfarthing pottery, it’s over a hundred years old! And…and, ca…can you not do that, you’ll blunt them!
  • Bofur: Ooh, d’you hear that, lads? He says we’ll blunt the knives!
  • Kili: Blunt the knives, bend the forks
  • Fili: Smash the bottles and bum the corks
  • Other Dwarves join in:

Chip the glasses and crack the plates
That's what Bilbo Baggins hates
Cut the cloth, tread on the fat
Leave the bones on the bedroom mat
Pour the milk on the pantry floor
Splash the wine on every door
Dump the crooks in a boiling bowl
Pound them up with a thumping pole
When you're finished, if they are whole
Send them down the hall to roll
That's what Bilbo Baggins hates

  • Gandalf: He is here.
  • Thorin: Gandalf. I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way, twice. I wouldn't have found it at all had it not been for that mark on the door.
  • Bilbo: Mark? There's no mark on that door. It was painted a week ago.
  • Gandalf: There is a mark. I put it there myself. Bilbo Baggins, allow me to introduce the leader of our company: Thorin Oakenshield.
  • Thorin: So... ...this is the Hobbit. Tell me, Mr. Baggins, have you done much fighting?
  • Bilbo Baggins: Pardon me?
  • Thorin: Ax or sword? What's your weapon of choice?
  • Bilbo Baggins: Well, I do have some skill at conkers, if you must know... ...but I fail to see why that's relevant.
  • Thorin: Thought as much. He looks more like a grocer than a burglar.
  • Balin:What news from the meeting in Ered Luin? Did they all come?
  • Thorin Oakenshield:Aye, envoys from all seven kingdoms.
  • Dwalin: And what did the dwarves of the Iron Hill say? Is Dain with us?
  • Thorin Oakenshield:They will not come. They say this quest is ours, and ours alone.
  • Bilbo: You’re doing a quest?
  • Gandalf: Bilbo, my dear fellow, let us have a little more light. Far to the East, over ranges and rivers, beyond woodlands and wastelands, lies a single solitary peak.
  • Bilbo: The Lonely Mountain.
  • Glóin:Aye, Oin has read the portents, and the portents say: it is time.
  • Óin:Ravens have been seen flying back to the mountain as it was foretold. When the birds of the old return to Erebor, the reign of the beast will end.
  • Bilbo: Uh…what beast?
  • Bofur: Well that would be a reference to Smaug the terrible, chiefest and greatest calamity of our age. Airborne fire breather, teeth like razors, claws like meat hooks, extremely fond of precious metals.
  • Bilbo: Yes, I know what a dragon is.
  • Ori: I’m not afraid, I’m up for it. I’ll give him a taste of the dwarfish iron right up his jacksy!
  • Glóin:Good lad, Ori!
  • Dori: Sit down!
  • Balin: The task would be difficult enough with an army behind us, but we number just thirteen, and not thirteen of the best, nor brightest.
  • Ori: Hey! Who are you calling dim?
  • Óin:Sorry, what did he say?
  • Fili: We may be few in number. But we’re fighters, all of us! To the last dwarf!
  • Kili: And you forget we have a wizard in our company, Gandalf will have killed hundreds of dragons in his time.
  • Gandalf: Oh, well. No, uh, I…I wouldn’t say…
  • Dori: How many then?
  • Gandalf: What?
  • Dori: Well, how many dragons have you killed? Go on, give us a number!
  • Bilbo: Uh…Please. Please.
  • Thorin Oakenshield:Enough! If we have read these signs, do you not think others will have read them too? Rumors have begun to spread. The dragon Smaug has not been seen for sixty years. Eyes look East to the mountain, assessing, wondering, weighing the risk. Perhaps the vast wealth of our people now lies unprotected. Do we sit back while others claim what is rightfully ours? Or do we seize this chance to take back Erebor?
  • Balin:You forget, the Front Gate is sealed. (Thorin sits back down.) There is no way into the mountain.
  • Gandalf: That, my dear Balin, is not entirely true. (produces a key and Thorin recognizes it)
  • Thorin Oakenshield:How come you by this?
  • Gandalf: It was given to me by your father. By Thrain. For safekeeping. It is yours now. (hands Thorin the key, who clutches onto it hard)
  • Fili: If there is a key, there must be a door.
  • Gandalf: (nods to affirm Fili's assumption) These runes speak of a hidden passage to the Lower Halls.
  • Kili: There's another way in.
  • Gandalf: Well, if we can find it, but Dwarf doors are invisible when closed. The answer lies hidden somewhere in this map...and I do not have the skill to find it. But there are others in Middle-earth who can. The task I have in mind will require a great deal of stealth... ...and no small amount of courage. But if we are careful and clever, I believe that it can be done.
  • Ori: That's why we need a burglar.
  • Bilbo: Hmm. And a good one too. An expert, I'd imagine.
  • Óin:And are you?
  • Bilbo: (looks behind him and notices that the dwarves are talking to him) (confused) Am I what?
  • Óin:He said he's an expert. Hey.
  • Bilbo Baggins: Me? No. No, no, no. I'm not a burglar.
  • I've never stolen a thing in my life.
  • Balin:Well, I'm afraid I have to agree with Mr. Baggins. He's hardly burglar material.
  • Bilbo Baggins: Nope.
  • Dwalin: Aye, the Wild is no place for gentle folk who can neither fight nor fend for themselves.
  • Gandalf: Enough! If I say Bilbo Baggins is a burglar, then a burglar he is. Hobbits are remarkably light on their feet. In fact, they can pass unseen by most, if they choose. And, while the dragon is accustomed to the smell of Dwarf... ...the scent of a Hobbit is all but unknown to him... ...which gives us a distinct advantage. You asked me to find the 14th member of this company and I have chosen Mr. Baggins. There's a lot more to him than appearances suggest. And he's got a great deal more to offer than any of you know. Including himself. You must trust me on this.
  • (Gandalf looks at Thorin, who reluctantly agrees with the wizard for once).
  • Thorin Oakenshield: Very well. We will do it your way. Give him the contract.
  • Glóin:We're in. We're off.
  • Bilbo: Please.
  • Balin:It’s just the usual summary of out-of-pocket expenses, time required, remuneration, funeral arrangements, so forth.
  • Bilbo: Funeral arrangements? (opens the contract and realizes how long it is) Ooh.
  • Thorin Oakenshield:I cannot guarantee his safety.
  • Gandalf: Understood.
  • Thorin Oakenshield:Nor will I be responsible for his fate.
  • Gandalf: Agreed.
  • Bilbo: [to himself] ‘Total’s cash on delivery, up to but not exceeding, one fourteenth of total profit if any.’ Seems fair. Uh…’The present company shall not be liable for injuries inflicted by or sustained as a consequence thereof, including, but not limited to…lacerations. Evisceration. (looks to the dwarves) Incineration?
  • Bofur: Oh, aye, he’ll melt the flesh off your bones in the blink of an eye.
  • Balin:You alright, laddie?
  • Bilbo: Huh? Yeah, I fe…I feel a bit faint.
  • Bofur: Think furnace, with wings.
  • Bilbo: I…I…I need air.
  • Bofur: Flash of light, searing pain, then poof! You’re nothing more than a pile of ash!
  • Bilbo: No. (Bilbo faints)
  • Gandalf: (sarcastically) Oh, very helpful, Bofur.
  • Bilbo Baggins: I'll be all right. Just let me sit quietly for a moment.
  • Gandalf:You've been sitting quietly for far too long. Tell me, when did doilies and your mother's dishes... ...become so important to you? I remember a young Hobbit who was always running off in search of Elves in the woods. Who would stay out late, come home after dark... ...trailing mud and twigs and fireflies. A young Hobbit who would have liked nothing better... ...than to find out what was beyond the borders of the Shire. The world is not in your books and maps. It's out there.
  • Bilbo Baggins: I can't just go running off into the blue. I am a Baggins of Bag-end.
  • Gandalf:You are also a Took. Did you know that your great-great-great-great-uncle Bullroarer Took was so large, he could ride a real horse?
  • Bilbo Baggins: Yes.
  • Gandalf:Yes, well, he could. In the Battle of Green Fields, he charged the Goblin ranks. He swung his club so hard, it knocked the Goblin king's head clean off... ...and it sailed 100 yards through the air and went down a rabbit hole. And thus, the battle was won. And the game of golf invented at the same time.
  • Bilbo Baggins: I do believe you made that up.
  • Gandalf:Well, all good stories deserve embellishment. You'll have a tale or two to tell of your own when you come back.
  • Bilbo Baggins: Can you promise that I will come back?
  • Gandalf:No. And if you do... will not be the same.
  • Bilbo Baggins: That's what I thought. Sorry, Gandalf, I can't sign this. You've got the wrong Hobbit.
  • Balin: It appears we have lost our burglar. Probably for the best. The odds were always against us. After all, what are we? Merchants, miners, tinkers, toy makers. Hardly the stuff of legend.
  • Thorin: There are a few warriors amongst us.
  • Balin: Old warriors.
  • Thorin: I would take each and every one of these dwarves over an army from the Iron Hills, for when I called upon them, they answered. Loyalty, honor, a willing heart. I can ask no more than that.
  • Balin: You don’t have to do this. You have a choice. You’ve done honorably by our people. You have built a new life for us in the Blue Mountains. A life of peace and plenty. A life that is worth more than all the gold in Erebor.
  • Thorin: From my grandfather to my father, this has come to me. They dreamt of the day when the dwarves of Erebor would reclaim their homeland. There is no choice, Balin. Not for me.
  • Balin: Then we are with you, laddie. We will see it done.
  • Thorin [singing] Far over the Misty Mountains cold. To dungeons deep and caverns old. We must away ere break of day. To find our long forgotten gold.
  • Dwarves: [singing] The pines were roaring on the height, the winds were moaning in the night. The fire was red, it flaming spread. The trees like torches blazed with light.
  • Bilbo: Hello!
  • Hobbit: Here, Mr. Bilbo! Where are you off too?
  • Bilbo: I can’t stop, I’m already late!
  • Hobbit: Late for what?
  • Bilbo: I’m going on an adventure!
  • Wait! Wait! (Everyone stops. Bilbo happily hands it over to Balin) I signed it.
  • Balin: Everything appears to be in order. Welcome, master Baggins, to the company of Thorin Oakenshield.
  • Thorin: Give him a pony.
  • Bilbo: No, no, no, no. That…that won’t be necessary. Thank you. I’m sure I can keep up on foot. Yeah, I…I’ve done my fair share of walking holidays, you know? Even got as far as Frog Morton once.
  • Oin: Come on, Nori! Pay up!
  • Bilbo: What’s that about?
  • Gandalf: Oh, they took wagers on whether or not you’d turn up. Most of them bet that you wouldn’t.
  • Bilbo: And what did you think?
  • Gandalf: Well… (catches a sack of coin) My dear fellow, I never doubted you for a second.
  • Bilbo: Oh, it’s horse hair. Having a reaction. Uh…wait, wait. Stop! Stop! We have to turn around.
  • Gandalf: What on earth is the matter?
  • Bilbo: I forgot my handkerchief.
  • Bofur: Here! Use this.
  • Thorin: Move on!
  • Gandalf: You’ll have to manage without pocket handkerchiefs, and a good many other things, Bilbo Baggins, before we reach our journey’s end. You were born to the rolling hills and little rivers of the Shire. But home is now behind you. The world is ahead.
  • (Bilbo cannot sleep because of Bombur's snoring. He gets up and smuggles an apple to Myrtle. He speaks to her gently. )
  • Bilbo Baggins: Hello, girl. Who's a good girl? (feeds her) It's our little secret, Myrtle. You must tell no one. Shh, shh. (he smiles and pets her snout but there is a shriek in the air. He looks to Fili and Kili, who are already awake) What was that?
  • Kili:Orcs.
  • Bilbo Baggins" Orcs? (Thorin wakes up in alarm but sees that Fili and Kili are teasing Bilbo).
  • Fili: Throat-cutters. There'll be dozens of them out there.
  • Kili:The lone-lands are crawling with them. They strike in the wee small hours when everyone's asleep. Quick and quiet, no screams. Just lots of blood.
  • (The boys laugh when Bilbo looks panicked as if it were a joke)
  • Thorin Oakenshield: (sternly) You think that's funny? You think a night raid by Orcs is a joke?
  • Kili: We didn’t mean anything by it.
  • Thorin Oakenshield: No you didn’t. You know nothing of the world.
  • Balin: Don’t mind him, laddie. Thorin has more cause than most to hate orcs. After the dragon took the Lonely Mountain... ...King Thror tried to reclaim the ancient Dwarf kingdom of Moria. But our enemy had got there first. Moria had been taken by legions of Orcs... ...led by the most vile of all their race: Azog the Defiler. The giant Gundabad Orc... ...had sworn to wipe out the line of Durin. He began... beheading the king. No! Thrain, Thorin's father, was driven mad by grief. He went missing. Taken prisoner or killed... ...we did not know. We were leaderless. Defeat and death... ...were upon us. That is when I saw him. A young Dwarf prince... ...facing down the pale Orc. He stood alone against this terrible foe. His armor rent... ...wielding nothing but an oaken branch as a shield. Azog the Defiler learned that day... ...that the line of Durin would not be so easily broken. Our forces rallied... wand drove the Orcs back. And our enemy... ...had been defeated. But there was no feast... ...nor song that night... ...for our dead were beyond the count of grief. We few had survived. And I thought to myself then... ...there is one who I could follow. There is one... ...I could call king.
  • Bilbo Baggins: And the Pale Orc? What happened to him?
  • Thorin Oakenshield: He slunk back into the hole whence he came. That filth died of his wounds long ago.
  • Hunter Orc: Send word to the Master, we have found the Dwarf-scum.
  • Dori: Here, Mr. Gandalf? Can’t you do something about this deluge?
  • Gandalf: It is raining, master dwarf. And it will continue to rain until the rain is done! If you wish to change the weather of the world, you should find yourself another wizard.
  • Bilbo: Are there any?
  • Gandalf: What?
  • Bilbo: Other wizards?
  • Gandalf: There are five us. The greatest of our order is Saruman, The White. Then there are the two blue wizards. Do you know, I’ve quite forgotten their names.
  • Bilbo: And who is the fifth?
  • Gandalf: Well, that would be Radagast, The Brown.
  • Bilbo: Is he a great wizard or is he…more like you?
  • Gandalf: I think he’s a very great wizard, in his own way. He’s a gentle soul who prefers the company of animals to others. He keeps a watchful eye over the vast forestlands to the East, and a good thing too, for always evil will look to find a foothold in this world.
  • Radagast: Not good. Not good at all! Oh. Oh, no! Oh, Sebastian! Good gracious. Move back! Give him some air, for goodness sake! I don’t understand why it’s not working, it’s not as if it’s witchcraft! Witchcraft. Oh, but it is! A dark and powerful magic. Where on this good earth do those foul creatures come from? The old fortress? Show me.
  • Thorin Oakenshield: We’ll camp here for the night. Fíli, Kíli, look after the ponies. Make sure you stay with them.
  • Gandalf: (inspecting the ruined house) A farmer and his family used to live here.
  • Thorin Oakenshield: Oin, Gloin.
  • Oin: Aye?
  • Thorin Oakenshield: Get the fire going.
  • Oin: Right you are.
  • Gandalf: I think it would be wiser to move on. We could make for the hidden valley.
  • Thorin Oakenshield: But I’ve told you already. I will not go near that place.
  • Gandalf: Why not? The Elves could help us, we could get food, rest, advice.
  • Thorin Oakenshield: I do not need their advice.
  • Gandalf: We have a map that we cannot read. Lord Elrond could help us.
  • Thorin Oakenshield: Help? A dragon attacks Erebor. What help came from the Elves? Orcs plunder Moria, desecrate our sacred halls, the Elves looked on and did nothing! You ask me to seek out the very people who betrayed my grandfather, who betrayed my father.
  • Gandalf: You are neither of them. I did not give you that map and key for you to hold on to the past.
  • Thorin Oakenshield: I did not know they were yours to keep.
  • Bilbo: (sees Gandalf storm off in frustration) Everything alright? Gandalf, where are you going?
  • Gandalf: To seek the company of the only one around here who’s got any sense.
  • Bilbo: And who’s that?
  • Gandalf: Myself, mister Baggins! I’ve had enough of dwarves for one day.
  • Thorin Oakenshield: Come on Bombur, we’re hungry.
  • Bilbo: (to Balin) Is he coming back? (The dwarf looks unsure at Bilbo. At night time, Bilbo is still worrying because Gandalf has yet to return. He’s been a long time.
  • Bofur: Who?
  • Bilbo: Gandalf.
  • Bofur: He’s a wizard! He does as he chooses. Here. Do us a favor, take this to the lads. (hands Bilbo the soup but stops Bombur from taking more.) Stop it, you’ve had plenty.
  • Bilbo: What’s the matter?
  • Kili: We’re supposed to be looking after the ponies.
  • Fili: Only we’ve encountered a slight problem.
  • Kili: We had sixteen.
  • Fili: Now there’s fourteen.
  • [as they look to see which ponies are missing]
  • Kili: Daisy and Bungle are missing.
  • Bilbo: What? Well, that’s not good. And that is not good at all. Shouldn’t we tell Thorin?
  • Fili: Uh…no. Let’s not worry him. As our official burglar, we thought you might like to look into it.
  • Bilbo: Well, uh…it looks as if something big uprooted these trees.
  • Kili: That was our thinking.
  • Bilbo: It’s something very big, and possibly quite dangerous.
  • Fili: Hey! There’s a light.
  • [to Kili]
  • Fili: Over here!
  • [they all move closer towards the light]
  • Fili: Stay down.
  • Bilbo: What is it?
  • Kili: Trolls.
  • Bilbo: He’s got Myrtle and Minty! I think they’re gonna eat them, we have to do something.
  • Kili: Yes, you should. Mountain trolls are slow and stupid, and you’re so small. They’ll never see you.
  • Bilbo: Me? Me? No. No. No.
  • Kili: It’s perfectly safe!
  • Fili: We’ll be right behind you. If you run into trouble hoot twice like a barn owl, once like a brown owl.
  • Bilbo: Twice like a barn owl, hoot twice like a brown…hoots like a…like a… Uh, are you sure this is a good idea?
  • William Troll: Mutton yesterday, mutton today. And blimey, if it don’t look like mutton again tomorrow.
  • Bert Troll: Quit your griping. These ain’t sheep! These is West nags!
  • Tom Troll: Oh! I don’t like horse. I never have. Not enough fat on them.
  • William Troll: Well, it’s better than a leathery ol’ farmer. All skin and bone he was. I’m still pickin’ bits of him out o’ me teeth.
  • Bert Troll: Well, that’s lovely, that is. A floater.hobbit-7
  • William Troll: Oh! Might improve the flavor!
  • Tom Troll: Ah! There’s more where that came from.
  • Bert Troll: Oh, no you don’t!
  • Tom Troll: Oww! Oww!
  • Bert Troll: Sit down!
  • Tom Troll: Well…I hope you’re gonna gut these nags? I don’t like the stinky parts.
  • Tom Troll: Oww!
  • Bert Troll: I said sit down!
  • William Troll: I’m starving, are we having horse tonight or what?
  • Bert Troll: Shut your cake hole! You’ll eat what I’ll give ya!
  • William Troll: How come he’s the cook? Everything tastes the same, everything tastes like chicken.
  • Tom Troll: Except the chicken.
  • William Troll: What tastes like fish!
  • Bert Troll: I’m just saying, a little appreciation would be nice. ‘Thank you very much, Bert. Lovely stew, Bert.’ How hard is that? Mmm. Just needs a sprinkle of squirrel dung. Here, that’s my grog!
  • Tom Troll: Sorry. Oww!
  • Bert Troll: Ooh. That is beautifully balanced, that is. Wrap your loganbie around that, mate. Huh? Good ain’t it? That’s why I’m the cook.
  • William Troll: Me guts are grumbling, I’ve got to snaffle something. Flesh. I need flesh!
  • Tom Troll: Aah! Blimey! Bert! Bert, look what’s come out of me hooter! It’s got arms and legs and everything!
  • Bert Troll: What is it?
  • Tom Troll: I don’t know, but I don’t like the way it wriggles around!
  • Bert Troll: What are you then? An oversized squirrel?
  • Bilbo: I’m a burglar…uh, hobbit!
  • Tom Troll: A ‘burglar-hobbit’?
  • William Troll: Can we cook him??
  • Tom Troll: We can try!
  • Bert Troll: He wouldn’t make more than a mouthful. Not when he’s skinned and boned!
  • William Troll: Perhaps there’s more burglar-hobbits ’round these parts, might be enough for a pie! Grab him!
  • Tom Troll: He’s too quick!
  • William Troll: Oah, come here! you little…
  • William Troll: Gotcha! Are there any more of you little fellas hiding where you shouldn’t?
  • Bilbo: No.
  • Tom Troll: He’s lying!
  • Bilbo: I’m not!
  • Tom Troll: Hold his toes over the fire. Make him squeal!
  • (Kili rushes in and slashes one of the trolls' legs
  • Kili: Drop him!
  • William Troll: You what?
  • Kili: I said, drop him. (The trolls toss Bilbo to Kili, who promptly catches the Hobbit, but both of them fall onto the ground) Bilbo!
  • Thorin: No! (pulls Kili back to prevent him from getting hurt or Bilbo killed)
  • William Troll: Lay down your arms! Or we’ll rip his off! Don’t bother cooking ’em! Let’s just sit on 'em and squash ’em into jelly!
  • Bert Troll: They should be sauteed and grilled with a sprinkle of sage.
  • Tom Troll: Oh, that does sound quite nice.
  • William Troll: Never mind the seasoning, we ain’t got all night! Dawn ain’t far away, let’s get a move on! I don’t fancy been turned to stone.
  • Bilbo: Wait! You are making a terrible mistake.
  • Dori: You can’t reason with them, they’re half-wits!
  • Bofur: Half-wits? What does that make us?
  • Bilbo: I meant with the…uh, with the…with the seasoning.
  • Bert Troll: What about the seasoning?
  • Bilbo: Well, have you smelt them? You’re gonna need something stronger than sage before you plate this lot up!
  • William Troll: What do you know about cooking dwarf?
  • Bert Troll: Shut up, and let the…uh, flurgerburbur-hobbit talk.
  • Bilbo: Uh…the-the secret to cooking dwarf, is um…
  • Bert Troll: Yes? Come on.
  • Bilbo: It’s, uh…
  • Bert Troll: Tell us the secret!
  • Bilbo: Ye-yes, I’m telling you. The secret is…to…skin them first!
  • Bert Troll: Tom, get me filleting knife.
  • William Troll: What a load of rubbish! I’ve eaten plenty with their skins on. Scoff ’em I say, boots and all!
  • Tom Troll: He’s right! Nothing wrong with a bit o’ raw dwarf. Nice and crunchy.
  • Bilbo: Uh…not…not that one, he…he’s infected!
  • William Troll: You what?
  • Bilbo: Yeah he’s got worms in his…tubes.
  • Tom Troll: Ooh!
  • Bilbo: In-in fact, they all have. They’re infested with parasites, it’s a terrible business, I wouldn’t risk it, I really wouldn’t.
  • Oin: Parasites? Did he say parasites?
  • Kili: Yeah, we don’t have parasites! You have parasites!
  • [Thorin realizes that Bilbo is trying to buy them time and kicks Kili and they realize what Bilbo is doing]
  • Oin: I’ve got parasites as big as my arm!
  • Kili: Mine are the biggest parasites, I’ve got huge parasites!
  • Nori: We’re riddled!
  • Ori: Yes, I’m riddled!
  • Dori: Yes, we are, badly!
  • William Troll: What would you have us do then? Let ’em all go?
  • Bilbo: Well…
  • William Troll: You think I don’t know what you’re up to. This little ferret is taking us for fools!
  • Bilbo: Ferret?
  • Bert Troll: Fools?
  • (Gandalf comes from his hiding spot, with his staff in hand)
  • Gandalf: The dawn will take you all!
  • William Troll: Who’s that?
  • Bert Troll: No idea.
  • Tom Troll: Can we eat him too?
  • Dwalin: Ooh, get your foot out of my back!
  • Thorin: Where did you go to, if I may ask?
  • Gandalf: To look ahead.
  • Thorin: What brought you back?
  • Gandalf: Looking behind. Nasty business. Still they all are in one piece.
  • Thorin: No thanks to your burglar.
  • Gandalf: He had the nous to play for time. None of the rest of you thought of that. They must have come down from the Ettenmoors.
  • Thorin: Since when the mountain trolls venture this far south?
  • Gandalf: Oh, not for an age. Not since a darker power ruled these lands. (Thorin and Gandalf look at each other in alarm)They could not have moved in daylight.
  • Thorin: There must be a cave nearby.
  • Bofur: Oh, what’s that stench?!
  • Gandalf: It’s a troll hoard. Be careful what you touch.
  • Bofur: Seems a shame just to leave it lying around. Anyone could take it.
  • Gloin: Agreed. Nori, get a shovel.
  • Thorin: These swords were not made by any troll.
  • Gandalf: Nor were they made by any smith among men. These were forged in Gondolin, by the High Elves, of the First Age. You could not wish for a finer blade.
  • Gloin: We’re making a long-term deposit.
  • Thorin: Let’s get out of this foul place. Come on, let’s go. Bofur, Gloin, Nori.
  • Gandalf: Bilbo.
  • Bilbo: Hm?
  • Gandalf: Here. This is about your size.
  • Bilbo: I can’t take this.
  • Gandalf: The blade is of Elvish make, which means it will glow blue when orcs or goblins are nearby.
  • Bilbo: I have…I have never used a sword in my life.
  • Gandalf: And I hope you never have to. But if you do, remember this: true courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one.
  • Thorin: Something’s coming!
  • Bilbo: Gandalf.
  • Gandalf: Stay together! Hurry, now! Arm yourselves!
  • Radagast: Thieves! Fire! Murder!
  • Gandalf: Radagast. It’s Radagast the Brown!
  • Gandalf: What on earth are you doing here?
  • Radagast: I was looking for you, Gandalf. Something’s wrong. Something’s terribly wrong.
  • Gandalf: Yes?
  • Radagast: Just give me a minute. Um…Oh! I had a thought and now I’ve lost it. It was…it was was right there, on the tip of my tongue! Oh! It’s not a thought at all! It’s a silly old… stick insect. (Gandalf removes the stick bug from Radagast's mouth, earning disturbed looks from Bilbo, Fili and Oin)
  • Radagast: The Greenwood is sick, Gandalf. A darkness has fallen over it. Nothing grows any more, at least nothing good. The air is foul with decay. But worst are the webs.”
  • Gandalf: Webs? What do you mean?”
  • Radagast: Spiders, Gandalf. Giant ones. Some kind of spawn of Ungoliant, or I am not a Wizard. I followed their trail. They came from Dol Guldur.”
  • Gandalf: Dol Guldur? But the old fortress is abandoned.”
  • Radagast: No, Gandalf, it is not. A dark power dwells in there... ...such as I have never felt before. It is the shadow of an ancient horror. One that can summon the spirits... ...of the dead. I saw him, Gandalf. From out of the darkness... ...a Necromancer has come. Radagast. Quick! Quick, quick! Quick, quick! Wait for me! Sorry.
  • Gandalf: Try a little old Toby. It’ll help setting your nerves. In, and out. Now, the Necromancer. Are you sure?
  • Radagast: That is not from the world of the living.
  • Bilbo: Was that a wolf? Are there…are there wolves out there?
  • Bofur: Wolves? No, that is not a wolf.
  • Thorin: Warg scouts! Which means an orc pack is not far behind!
  • Bilbo: Orc pack?
  • Gandalf: Who did you tell about your quest, beyond your kin?
  • Thorin: No one.
  • Gandalf: Who did you tell?!
  • Thorin: No one, I swear! What in Durin’s name is going on?
  • Gandalf: You are being hunted.
  • Dwalin: We have to get out of here.
  • Ori: We can’t! We have no ponies. They bolted.
  • Radagast: I’ll draw them off.
  • Gandalf: These are Gundabad wargs. They will outrun you!
  • Radagast: These are Rhosgobel rabbits. I’d like to see them try.
  • Radagast: Come and get me!
  • Gandalf: Come on! Stay together.
  • Thorin: Move! (pulls ri back before the orcs see them) Ori, no! Come back.
  • Gandalf: All of you, come on, come on! Quick!
  • Thorin: Where are you leading us?
  • Hunter Orc: The Dwarf-scum are over there! After them!
  • Gandalf: Move! Run!
  • Gloin: There they are!
  • Gandalf: This way! Quickly!
  • Kili: There’s more coming!
  • Thorin: Kili! Shoot them!
  • Fili: We’re surrounded!
  • [Kili shoots one of the orcs with his bow]
  • Fili: Where’s Gandalf?
  • Dwalin: He’s abandoned us!
  • Thorin: Hold your ground!
  • Gandalf: This way, you fools!
  • Thorin: Come on, move! Quickly! All of you! Go, go, go!
  • [the dwarves all start jumping inside the underground tunnel and Gandalf counts the dwarves]
  • Gandalf: …nine, ten…
  • Thorin: Kili! Run! Elves.
  • Dwalin: I cannot see where the pathway leads. Do we follow it or not?
  • Bofur: We follow it, of course!
  • Gandalf: I think that would be wise. The Valley of Imladris. In the common tongue, it’s known by another name.
  • Bilbo: Rivendell.
  • Gandalf: Here lies the last homely house, east of the sea.
  • Thorin: This was your plan all along, to seek refuge with our enemy.
  • Gandalf: You have no enemies here, Thorin Oakenshield. The only ill-will to be found in this valley is that which you bring yourself.
  • Thorin: You think the Elves will give our quest their blessing? They will try to stop us.
  • Gandalf: Of course, they will. But we have questions that need to be answered. If we are to be successful this will need to be handled with tact, and respect, and no small degree of charm, which is why you will leave the talking to me.
  • [they start making their way towards Rivendell]
  • [as they enter Rivendell they are met by some elves]
  • Lindir: Mithrandir.
  • Gandalf: Ah, Lindir.
  • Thorin: (whispers to Dwalin) Stay sharp.
  • [Lindir starts speaking in Elvish to Gandalf]
  • Lindir: [subtitled] We heard you had crossed into the Valley.
  • Gandalf: I must speak with Lord Elrond.
  • Lindir: My Lord Elrond is not here.
  • Gandalf: Not here? Where is he?
  • [they hear the hunting horn and turn to see the returning elf war party]
  • Thorin: Close ranks!
  • [the elf war party surround the dwarves, we see Elrond is with the war party]
  • Elrond: Gandalf!
  • Gandalf: Lord Elrond.
  • [Gandalf greets Elrond in Elvish]
  • Gandalf: [subtitled] My friend! Where have you been?
  • Elrond: [subtitled] We’ve been hunting a pack of Orcs that came up from the South. We slew a number near the Hidden Pass.
  • [Elrond gets off his horse and embraces Gandalf]
  • Elrond: Strange for orcs to come so close to our borders. Something or someone has drawn them near.
  • Gandalf: Ah, that may have been us.
  • (Thorin shows himself to Elrond, who gives him something of a genuine smile.)
  • Elrond: Welcome, Thorin, son of Thrain.
  • Thorin: I do not believe we have met.
  • Elrond: You have your grandfather's bearing. I knew Thror when he ruled Under the Mountain.
  • Thorin: Indeed? He made no mention of you.
  • (Elrond speaks in Elvish, to which Gloin takes offense to.)
  • Gloin: What is he saying? Does he offer us insult?
  • Gandalf: No, Master Gloin, he's offering you food.
  • (The dwarves talk amongst themselves before they all look at Elrond)
  • Gloin: Well, in that case, lead on.
  • Dwarf: Hey. Come on.
  • Dori: (pressuring his brother to eat green leaf) Try it. Just a mouthful.
  • Ori: I don't like green food.
  • Nori: Where's the meat?
  • Ori: Have they got any chips?
  • Gandalf: Kind of you to invite us. Not really dressed for dinner.
  • Elrond: Well, you never are.
  • (Kili notices a girl elf and winks at her, but Dwalin is eyeing him.
  • Kili: Can't say I fancy Elf maids myself. Too thin. They're all high cheekbones and creamy skin. Not enough facial hair for me. Although... That one there's not bad."
  • Dwalin: That's not an elf maid.
  • Elrond: (expecting both Glamdring and Orcrist) This is Orcrist, the Goblin-cleaver. A famous blade forged by the High Elves of the West, my kin. May it serve you well. And this is Glamdring, the Foehammer. Sword of the King of Gondolin. These were made for the Goblin Wars of the First Age.
  • (Bilbo wonders about his own sword, looking down at it. Balin notices the hobbit's plight.)
  • Balin: I wouldn't bother, laddie. Swords are named for the great deeds they do in war.
  • Bilbo: What are you saying, my sword hasn't seen battle?
  • Balin (in a regrettable voice): I'm not actually sure it is a sword. More of a letter opener, really.
  • Elrond: How did you come by these?
  • Gandalf: We found them in a Troll-hoard
  • on the Great East Road...
  • ...shortly before we were
  • ambushed by Orcs.
  • Elrond: And what were you doing
  • on the Great East Road?
  • Thorin Oakenshield: Excuse me.
  • Elrond: "Thirteen Dwarves and a Halfling. Hm. Strange traveling companions, Gandalf."
  • Gandalf, during Nori and Bombur misbehave: "These are the descendants of the house of Durin. They're noble, decent folk. And they're surprisingly cultured. They've got a deep love of the arts."
  • Nori: "Change the tune, why don't you? I feel like I'm at a funeral."
  • Oin: "Did somebody die?"
  • Bofur: "All right, lads. There's only one thing for it. There's an inn, there's an inn.

There's a merry old inn
Beneath an old gray hill
The rest begin singing:
And there they brew a beer so brown
The Man in the Moon
Himself came down

One night
To drink his fill
- Oh -

The ostler has a tipsy cat
That played a five-stringed fiddle
And up and down he saws his bow

Now squeaking high
Now purring low
Now sawing in the middle
- So -

(Video) Bilbo & Smaug Complete Scene

The cat on the fiddle
Played hey-diddle-diddle
A drink that'll wake the dead
He squeaked and he sawed

And he quickened
The tune
And the landlord
Shook the Man
In the Moon
'it's after Three!' he said.

(Video) The Hobbit - Full Production Video Blogs 1-6 - Lord of the Rings - HD Movie
  • (Thorin, Bilbo, Balin, Elrond, and Gandalf are in Rivendell Library, but THorin is refusing for Elrond to see the map.)
  • Thorin: (stubbornly) Our business is no concern of Elves.
  • Gandalf: For goodness sake, Thorin, show him the map.
  • Thorin Oakenshield: It is the legacy of my people. It is mine to protect, as are its secrets.
  • Gandalf: Save me from the stubbornness of Dwarves. Your pride will be your downfall. You stand in the presence of one of the few in Middle-earth... ...who can read that map. Show it to Lord Elrond.
  • (Bilbo looks between them, obviously annoyed by how this conversation went down. Thorin contemplates for a moment before giving the map to Elrond.

Balin: Thorin, no. (Thorin hands the map over to Elrond, despite Thorin's protests).

  • Elrond: Erebor. What is your interest in this map?
  • Gandalf: It's mainly academic. As you know, this sort of artifact sometimes contains hidden text. You still read ancient Dwarvish, do you not? Moon runes? Of course. (Bilbo looks at her.) An easy thing to miss.
  • Elrond: Well, in this case, that is true. Moon runes can only be read by the light of a moon... ...of the same shape and season as the day on which they were written.
  • Thorin: Can you read them?
  • Elrond: These runes were written on a Midsummer's Eve by the light of a crescent moon nearly 200 years ago. It would seem you were meant to come to Rivendell. Fate is with you, Thorin Oakenshield. The same moon shines upon us tonight. (reads the map) "Stand by the gray stone when the thrush knocks and the setting sun with the last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the keyhole."
  • Bilbo: (confused; to Balin) Durin's Day?
  • Gandalf: It is the start of the Dwarves' new year, when the last moon of autumn, and the first sun of winter appear in the sky together.
  • Thorin: (after thinking this through) This is ill news. Summer is passing. Durin's Day will soon be upon us.
  • Balin: We still have time.
  • Bilbo: Time? For what?
  • Balin: To find the entrance. We have to be standing in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time. Then, and only then, can the door be opened.

Elrond: So this is your purpose, to enter the mountain?

(Video) Literature & Fiction : The Fellowship of the Ring audiobooks - by J. R. R. Tolkien

  • Thorin: What of it?
  • Elrond: There are some who would not deem it wise.
  • Gandalf: What do you mean?
  • Elrond: You are not the only guardian to stand watch over Middle-earth.

(Dol Guldur)

(Bilbo goes on through Rivendell without his companions and stands on the balcony of his guest chambers. Elrond comes up next to him, surprising Bilbo completely.)

  • Elrond: Not with your companions?
  • Bilbo: No, I shan't be missed. The truth is that most of them don't think I should be on this journey."
  • Elrond: Indeed? I've heard that Hobbits are very resilient.
  • Bilbo: Really?
  • Elrond: I've also heard they're fond of the comforts of home.
  • Bilbo: (looks around and whispers) I've heard that it's unwise to seek the council of Elves. That they will only answer with 'Yes' and 'No'.
  • (Elrond looks down at Bilbo with an unreadable expression as Bilbo dons on an insecure one. However, Elrond smiles. Bilbo looks at him, giving a small laugh)
  • Elrond (places hand on his shoulder): You are very welcome to stay here, if that is your wish.
  • Lindir (Elvish, subtitled): "The kitchen's under enormous strain, we are almost out of wine. How long do you think they will be with us?
  • Elrond (Elvish, subtitled): "That has yet to be decided.(They turn and watch the Dwarves playing in the pools naked as Elrond and Lindir look at them)
  • (The dwarves in their guest rooms are throwing stuff around and burning their furniture. Bofur sees his brother, Bombur sitting up there.)
  • Bofur: Bombur. (He tosses the food into Bombur, causing the table to break underneath them. Everyone laughs. Bilbo continues walking through Rivendell.)
  • Gandalf: Of course I was going to tell you. I was waiting for this very chance.
  • (After approaching the steps, Bilbo catches the conversation between Elrond and Gandalf and can't help but listen.)
  • Gandalf: (continued) And really, I think you can trust that I know what I am doing.
  • Elrond: Do you? That dragon has slept for 60 years. What will happen if your plan should fail, if you wake that beast?"
  • Gandalf: "What if we succeed? If the Dwarves take back the mountain our defenses in the east will be strengthened."
  • Elrond: It is a dangerous move, Gandalf.
  • (Bilbo looks to see Thorin behind him. However, the dwarf king looks at him, that just tells him to listen and not say another word. They continue listening.)
  • Gandalf: It is also dangerous to do nothing. Oh, come, the throne of Erebor is Thorin's birthright. What is it you fear?
  • Elrond: Have you forgotten? A strain of madness runs deep in that family. His grandfather lost his mind. His father succumbed to the same sickness. Can you swear Thorin Oakenshield will not also fall? (as Gandalf speaks, Thorin looks troubled as Bilbo looks at them with an understanding of Thorin more than he ever did. ) Gandalf, these decisions do not rest with us alone. It is not up to you or me to redraw the map of Middle-earth.
  • Gandalf: With or without our help, these Dwarves will march on the mountain. They're determined to reclaim their homeland. I do not believe Thorin Oakenshield feels that he is answerable to anyone. Nor, for that matter, am I.
  • Elrond: (looks at Gandalf) It is not me you must answer to. (Gandalf looks to see Lady Galadriel there.)
  • Gandalf: Lady Galadriel.
  • Galadriel: Mithrandir. It has been a long time.
  • Gandalf: (in elvish) Age may have changed me, but not so the Lady of Lorien.
  • (Galadriel smiles.)
  • Gandalf: I had no idea Lord Elrond had sent for you. (A voice sounds out of the darkness.)
  • Saruman: He didn’t. I did.
  • (Gandalf turns and sees Saruman the White; he bows to him.)
  • Gandalf: Saruman.
  • Saruman: You’ve been busy of late, my friend.
  • (The White Council, composed of Saruman, Elrond, Galadriel, and Gandalf, are in the pavilion. Gandalf and Saruman sit at a table; Elrond and Galadriel stand or walk about. Dawn is slowly breaking.)
  • Saruman: Tell me, Gandalf, did you think these plans and schemes of yours would go unnoticed?
  • Gandalf: Unnoticed? No, I’m simply doing what I feel to be right.
  • Galadriel: The dragon has long been on your mind.
  • Gandalf: This is true, my lady. Smaug owes allegiance to no one. But if he should side with the enemy, a dragon could be used to terrible effect.
  • Saruman: What enemy? Gandalf, the enemy is defeated. Sauron is vanquished. He can never regain his full strength.
  • Elrond: Gandalf, for four hundred years, we have lived in peace. A hard­won, watchful peace.
  • Gandalf: Are we? Are we at peace? Trolls have come down from the mountains. They are raiding villages, destroying farms. Orcs have attacked us on the road.
  • Elrond: Hardly a prelude to war.
  • Saruman: Always you must meddle, looking for trouble where none exists.
  • Galadriel: Let him speak.
  • Gandalf: There is something at work beyond the evil of Smaug. Something far more powerful. We can remain blind, but it will not be ignoring us, that I can promise you. A sickness lies over the Greenwood. The woodsmen who live there now call it ‘Mirkwood’. and they say...
  • Saruman: Well, don’t stop now. Tell us about the woodsmen say.
  • Gandalf: They speak of a Necromancer living in Dol Guldur, a sorcerer who can summon the dead.
  • Saruman: That’s absurd. No such power exists in the world. This...Necromancer is nothing more than a mortal man. A conjurer dabbling in black magic.
  • Gandalf: And so I thought too. But, Radagast has seen­
  • Saruman: Radagast? Do not speak to me about Radagast the Brown. He is a foolish fellow.
  • Gandalf: Well, he’s odd, I grant you. He lives a solitary life.
  • Saruman: It’s not that. It’s his excessive consumption of mushrooms. They’ve addled his brain and yellowed his teeth. I warned him, it is unbefitting of the Istari to be wander in the woods... (Saruman’s voice fades away as Galadriel focuses on Gandalf, and speaks to him in his mind.)
  • Galadriel( telepathically): You carry something. It came to you from Radagast. He found it in Dol Guldur.
  • Gandalf, telepathically: Yes.
  • Galadriel( telepathically): Show me.
  • (Gandalf lifts Radagast’s package, which he had in his lap, and places it on the table. It lets out a dull thud.)
  • Saruman: …or I’d think I was talking to myself…
  • Elrond:) What is that?
  • Galadriel: A relic of Mordor.
  • (Elrond, who was reaching out to unwrap the package, draws his hand back. He then reaches for it again and opens it, revealing the sword Radagast took from the spirit in Dol Guldur. The White Council members look upon it in shock.) (Elrond:) A Morgul blade.
  • Galadriel: Made for the Witch­king of Angmar, and buried with him. When Angmar fell, men of the North took his body and all that he possessed and sealed it within the High­Fells of Rhudaur. Deep within the rock they buried them, in a tomb so dark it would never come to light.
  • Elrond: This is not possible. A powerful spells lies upon those tombs; they cannot be opened.
  • Saruman: What proof do we have this weapon came from Angmar’s grave?
  • Gandalf: I have none.
  • Saruman: Because there is none. Let us examine what we know. A single Orc pack has dared to cross the Bruinen. A dagger from a bygone age has been found. And a human sorcerer, who calls himself the Necromancer, has taken up residence in a ruined fortress. It’s not so very much, after all. The question of this dwarvish company, however, troubles me deeply. I’m not convinced, Gandalf; I do not feel I can condone such a quest. If they’d come to me, I might have spared them this disappointment. I do not pretend to understand your reasons for raising their hopes…
  • (Saruman’s voice fades away as Galadriel again focuses on Gandalf. She speaks to him telepathically.)
  • Galadriel( telepathically): They are leaving.
  • (Gandalf, telepathically:) Yes.
  • Galadriel( telepathically): You knew.
  • Saruman: …I am afraid there is nothing else for it.

(Gandalf nods. Galadriel smiles slightly. A step is heard, and they all turn around; Lindir come up and bows.)

  • Lindir: My Lord Elrond; the dwarves, they’ve gone.
  • (Thorin and company are seen making their way up the path they came. However, Bilbo is the one who hesitates, and is looking back at Rivendell.)
  • Thorin: (to the company) Be on your guard. We're about to step over the Edge of the Wild. Balin, you know these paths. Lead on.
  • Balin: Aye.
  • Thorin: (notices Bilbo is lagging behind)Master Baggins. (Bilbo looks to him.) I suggest you keep up.
  • (Bilbo looks at the city one more time before turning around for the road ahead).
  • Galadriel:You will follow them.
  • Gandalf: Yes.
  • Galadriel:You are right to help Thorin Oakenshield. But I fear this quest has set in motion... ...forces we do not yet understand. The riddle of the Morgul Blade must be answered. Something moves in the shadows unseen, hidden from our sight. It will not show itself. Not yet. But every day it grows in strength. You must be careful. Mithrandir? Why the Halfling?
  • Gandalf: I do not know. Saruman believes that it is only great power... ...that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I have found. I have found it is the small things... ...everyday deeds of ordinary folk... ...that keeps the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love. Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps it is because I'm afraid... ...and he gives me courage.
  • Galadriel: Do not be afraid, Mithrandir. You are not alone.


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