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This Elden Ring guide features details on all the sending gates and teleporter traps you'll find scattered across the Lands Between. This page includes information on where to find each of these teleportation devices, as well as where they'll take you.

Teleporter Traps in Elden Ring


As you traverse the Lands Between, you'll encounter both teleporters and teleporter traps. The teleporter traps discovered so far, have all been chests. These will emit a puff of smoke and warn you that they're sending you to another location

This trapped chest in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins will send you to Sellia Crystal Tunnel in Caelid. If you find this early on in the game, which is likely as it's in Limgrave, then it can be quite the challenge to escape from. Either avoid this one if you're near the start of the game, but if you do end up there, be sure to read our guide on How to Escape the Sellia Crystal Tunnel Trap

In the southwest area of the Weeping Peninsula, on the southern edge by the water sits the Tower of Return. At the top of this tower is a trapped chest; this will send you all the way to the northern part of the map up to the Divine Bridge. There's a site of grace here that you can interact with before any danger. Further on, you'll see a Golem and there's a chest and teleporter here. In the chest is Celestial Dew.

When you reach the wheel lifts at the academy, if you take the lift down to the bottom rather than up, you'll meet the Abductor Virgins. If you're killed by her, you'll not only die but also be teleported to Volcano Manor. This can be quite a tough place to escape, particularly if it happens when you're not levelled up enough, so you might want to take a look at How to Escape the Abductor's Inquisition Chamber if you're finding it a challenge.

Sending Gates in Elden Ring

Limgrave Teleporters

As part of the D, Hunter of the Dead Questline, you'll need to find Deathroot. You can find your first one from the Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village, then show this to D as he appears in the Roundtable Hold. Doing so will have him mark a location on your mark, in East Limgrave, near the Third Church of Marika. This is a sending gate that will take you straight to the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid, to speak to Gurranq, the beast clergyman.


This transporter is located near the edge of the broken bridge, past the large Golems blocking the path. It takes you to the Divine Tower of Limgrave.

Liurnia Teleporters

Before you head northwest to take the elevator to the Grand Library, you'll pass a teleporter on the northeast part of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Stepping through this teleporter will send you to the Church of Vows in East Liurnia.

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This requires an Imbued Sword Key to unlock. When you do unlock the teleporter, this will take you to Crumbling Farum Azula.

This requires an Imbued Sword Key to unlock. This will take you to the Chapel of Anticipation that you visited at the start of the game.

This requires an Imbued Sword Key to unlock. This teleporter will take you to Nokron, Eternal City.

Southeast of Gate Town North, in a little structure in the water. This will take you to the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore, near Kingsrealm Ruins.


Found in a small structure, directly northwest from the Laskyar Ruins Site of Grace.

Found in the center of the Purified ruins, this sending gate delivers you to the main Raya Lucaria Gates.

At the very top of the Renna's Rise tower, this sending gate brings you to the Ansel River Main location.

Located on a balcony at the top of a staircase in Volcano Manor, this sending gate delivers you outside of the Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy boss room.

Altus Plateau Teleporters

Next to the Site of Grace at the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge in the center of the Altus Plateau. This takes you to the other side of the broken bridge, near the East Windmill Pasture.

Located near the elevator in the Fortified Manor in Leyndell, this is the only route you can use to access the Isolated Divine Tower. Note that this location is also accessible via a Transporter Trap located on the Tower of Return.


Caelid Teleporters

Two sending gates are located on either side of the Impassable Greatbridge, allowing you to more easily pass it and access Redmane Castle. Note that this is only accessible only the Radahn Festival has been activated.

To access the Starscourge Radahn boss fight from Redmane Castle, there will be a sending gate directly in front of the elevator down to the location of the arena.

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Consecrated Snowfield Teleporters

When you unlock the seal on the town, you'll gain access to a teleporter that will take you straight to Miquella's Haligtree.

To open the seal, you need to light four statues in the evergaol.

  • When you load into the evergoal, look straight across and up, there is a statue at the top of the tower. Go to the right from the evergaol and use the rooftops to get across to this area. You can find a ladder by the stairs
  • Turn around and face northeast and you'll see another tower high up. Use the rooftops to cross over to it. Be careful of the archers that will spawn as you cross
  • You will also see one, down below to the east here. You can find this one by going southeast from when you spawn into the evergaol, down the stairs and it's immediately to your left at the bottom of the stairs
  • Go to the western edge of the city and find the ladder (there's a blue light near it to light it up) and climb to the top of the tower

Located just slightly east of the Albinauric's Rise, this sending gate helps you bridge the gap to the north side of the nearby river.

On the westernmost edge of the Consecrated Snowfield, just north of the Yelough Anix Ruins. This one is notable as it has significant amounts of blood on the ground around it.


Underground Teleporters

This sending gate takes the form of an open coffin; upon choosing to get inside of it, you will be transported to Ansel River Main.

Upon defeating Fia's Champions, a sending gate appears that will take you to Leyndell.

Located on an island near the Hallowhorn Grounds, this takes you northeast, near the Siofra Aqueducts.

Make your way to the top of the hill leading up to one of the Hallowhorn Alters; this sending gate will transport you to the northern edge of this region, at the top of a large waterfall.

This sending gate brings you back to the Ancestral Site of Grace once you have completed the Night's Sacred Ground area; can be found directly in front of a massive skeleton on a throne.

This transporter coffin is located on the opposite side of the wall you drop down to enter the Grand Cloister, past a number of patrolling Kindred of Rot.


Upon beating the Valiant Gargoyles in Nokron, an open coffin will be available for interaction at the far side of their arena. Choosing to get into it will bring you to Deeproot Depths.

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