Jackpot Inferno Slots Online - Play Free or for Real Money (2023)

Jackpot Inferno slot games

Software companyEveri
Game launch date05.01.2016
Free spinsYes
Minimum bet$5.00
Maximum bet$100
Scatter symbolYes
Wild symbolYes
Auto-spin featureYes
Progressive jackpotNo

Even with all its negative connections, Hell fire is a major theme in the mainstream media and Jackpot Inferno slot games are no different. Online casino games such as Jackpot Inferno draw a big crowd although the crowd does not necessarily worship his infernal Majesty. This is a game for fans of classic slot titles and for players who prefer engaging with a simple, fruity slot machine with a touch of the fire of Hell.

Developed by Everi, the game has 50 fixed paylines and a fairly modest winning potential. The maximum you can win is 200x the bet. So, this isn’t likely a game for high rollers, but if you remember what old-school slot machines brought to the table, that’s no surprise.

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The Inferno slot game thrives on simplicity. The gameplay appears basic, but it pays homage to vintage fruits that we often overlook. To gamble with slots is supposed to be fun, and at a time where most new slot machines look like video games, this one’s fired up to break through the hegemony.

Themes and symbols in Jackpot Inferno games

We’ll admit it―there’s not much going on when it comes to Jackpot Inferno. The symbols draw their inspiration from slot machines on the floors of some of the earliest Vegas casinos. You’ll see lemons, grapes, and cherries on the reels in addition to single, double, and triple burning Sevens that are a recurring theme in vintage slot games.

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The controls are all in their usual spots. In a 5×4 slot, those burning sevens are pixelated against a pitch-black background. To the right, you’ll see the jackpots. Get this―they’re progressive. The game’s guide has an excellent explanation about how the progressive pools work. Gamblers into the techy details can take a look.

In terms of Jackpot Infernoʼs scatter symbols, you get a Wild and a Bonus, and each scatter symbol performs its respective role. We have to congratulate Everi on the audio: it perfectly pairs with the vintage vibes the slot machine offers.

Free spins and bonus rounds in Jackpot Inferno slot machine

As a vintage slot, there aren’t too many bonuses to look forward to in the game. That being said, the slot game still manages to impress with instant hit jackpots and free spins on top of that.

Symbol-Triggered Progressive Jackpot

See those jackpots on the right?

Jackpot Inferno Slots Online - Play Free or for Real Money (3)

They all share a contribution pool between all bet levels. In short, a portion of each bet fuels them all. You can land those with symbols on the screen, but not in the way you expect.

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When between 5 and 10 Jackpot Inferno symbols land on the reels, they lock a corresponding progressive tier but don’t award the prize. Instead, the player is given the chance to make 3 picks. There are 20 icons on the screen that hide cash prizes up to 200x, two extra picks, or more Jackpot Inferno symbols. If you’re lucky to land a symbol, the Jackpot Jump feature is triggered, advancing the locked-in tier to a level higher.

That’s the only way to reach the top two tiers.

Free Spins

The free spins bonus in Jackpot Inferno slot is triggered traditionally with 3 Scatters.

  • 3 Scatters: 2x your bet + 6 free spins
  • 4 Scatters: 5x the bet + 10 free spins
  • 5 Scatters: 10x the bet + 20 free spins

During the bonus round, only the four types of 7s and Wilds appear on the reels. This can lead to stunning winning combinations, but unfortunately, you don’t get retriggers.

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Jackpot Inferno no download―how to play for free

There are two ways to play the Jackpot Inferno online slot game for free. You can play online as a guest or registered member at a casino, or you can do it right here with no registration.

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We host many slot games on this page, but you don’t need sign up to play them. You can play the online slot on the go too, thanks to it being built on an HTML5 platform. That means you can run the game from a browser with no app download required.

Can you use casino bonuses to play the Jackpot Inferno slot machine?

Yes, you can use a casino bonus to play this game. The best online casinos offer all kinds of bonuses and promotions to new and existing players.

As a new player, you will most likely receive a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is usually a combination of a deposit bonus and free spins that you can use on this slot and many others. The RTP and volatility for a bonus feature are not stated, so we don’t know if the slot is a decent pick for clearing bonus wagering requirements.

Winning combinations in Jackpot Inferno slot machine

Extra features are Jackpot Inferno’s winning combinations, which are not complex at all. Winning combinations are 50-payline slots with wins formed for three or more matching symbols from the left to the right. You don’t have to worry about Megaways Cascades or similar features―it’s just a good ol’ slot machine that you play the way the slot machine game was originally designed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play a Jackpot Inferno slot game to win real money?

Yes, you can. However, before playing, we’d recommend you try free games first. You can do that on this page, no questions asked, and no registration required. The idea is for players to spin those reels for fun for as long as they want or join a trusted casino and gamble for real money and cash prizes.

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Can I play a Jackpot Inferno slot game on my smartphone?

Of course. Like all modern online games, this one was developed on an HTML5 platform. It works on Android and iOS devices via casino apps or mobile browsers.

What is the RTP of Jackpot Inferno slot game?

The slot game’s RTP isn’t listed by the developer, but considering our playthrough, it’s a package with high volatility and an RTP approximating 96%.

How to maximize your odds of winning at Jackpot Inferno?

There’s no slot formula or strategy in the world that can improve playersʼ odds of a big win or cash prize when playing for real money. However, players have a much better chance of keeping their bankrolls intact if they play responsibly. So, when registering with an online casino, keep your bets low in the beginning and increase them only after winning a few spins.

Is playing Jackpot Inferno slot games available with no download or registration on mobile?

Yes, many casinos will give you a chance to spin those reels as a guest. If a casino does not, our website doesn’t need you to sign up and allows you to play any slot game on the go.

Does the Jackpot Inferno slot machine have a progressive jackpot?

All Scatter jackpots share a progressive pool. These are hit with 5-10 Scatters, and how much you win or lose is determined by your current bet.

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Can you beat the Jackpot Inferno slot game?

You can’t beat slots―that idea is a myth. Slots are a game of chance and whether you reap a reward is controlled by an RNG, so results are random and fair. However, if players spin responsibly with a cool head, their bankrolls won’t be depleted after a few spins.

Is Jackpot Inferno good for high rollers?

Since we can only speculate about the RTP, we can’t tell for sure if it’s a slot that high rollers would pick; however, based on the progressive jackpot features and maximum bet of $5,000 per spin, we believe there’s a great chance of generous payouts.

Is Jackpot Inferno available for instant play?

Yes, it is. It runs on any instant play platform, so all players need is an Android or iOS device and a mobile browser.


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