Children's Birthday Parties (2023)

Preparing a birthday party at home can be stressful, time consuming and can become expensive.

Why not let Bubbles’ World of Play take away the hassle and strain of entertaining kids in your own home by providing a unique party at our fantastic venue.

Follow these 4 easy steps to help you choose your party package and make a booking and then give us a call on 0151 691 6030 to enquire about availability and to make a booking and don’t forget to read our reviews and testimonials from previous party customers.

Bubbles Party

2 hours of fun, play and feasting for Children aged 11 and under to enjoy

  • 90 Minutes Play in the largest and most innovative Play Frame in the UK
  • 30 Minutes in chosen themed Party Booth for hot & cold party Buffet
  • Free admission for 1 adult per party guest plus a few extra for grandparents.
  • Jugs of Sugar Free Cordial whilst Children are playing & eating
  • Party Host for duration of your party
  • Invitations
  • Party Blow Out & Party Hat for each child
  • Birthday Card for Birthday Child
  • Reserved seating for Adults (Upstairs Seating Area)
  • Party Buffet comprises of: Pizza Slices, Chicken Nuggets, Sandwich Triangles (Ham / Cheese Spread), Chips,
    Carrot & Cucumber Sticks, Fruit Sticks and
    unlimited Sugar Free Cordial

  • Only £17.95 per child peak (weekends & school holidays)
  • £14.95 per child off-peak (15:50pm on school days)
  • Minimum 12 children, maximum 42 children

Bubbles Play Date

Wanting to bring a group of 8 - 20 children to Bubbles to celebrate a birthday or occasion but don't want to book a party?

  • Bubbles Play Dates are only £13.50 per child and include admission for child and 1 adult, a kids meal and jugs of juice. We even reserve tables for you downstairs!
  • Please note, Play Dates do not include party host, party booth or other party items (some may be purchased as extras)

Book a Play Date

Jungle Party Booth

Jungle themed with friendly animals, our Jungle Booth seats up to 21 Children and can be booked for parties that begin on the hour. If there may be more than 21 children attending please ask for the Savannah Party Area

Savannah Party Booth

Our Savannah themed Party area is designed specifically for parties of over 21 children and comprises of 6 large tables with stools for our party guests to enjoy their party food.

Underwater Party Booth

Underwater Themed with Mermaid, Fish and Treasure, this party booth can seat upto 21 children and can be booked for parties that begin on the half hour. If there may be more than 21 children attending please ask for the Savannah Party Area which can be booked for parties that begin on the hour.

Deluxe Party Bags

Our deluxe party bags are a great gift for party guests to take home. Each bag is filled with items for boys or girls and contain 4 deluxe toys, a pack of crayons and a Bubbles activity sheet.

Only £3.50 per child


Bubbles Character Visit

Give your party guests their own private 5 minute visit from Bubbles the Panda. Bubbles will even give each child a sticker to take away.

Only £18

Sweet Cones

Give each of your party guests a sweet cone when they leave.

Only £3.50 per child

Adult Catering Options:

Muffin Platter

A selection of 12 luxury flowerpot muffins to share with your adult guests and parents.

Only £20 per platter

Drinks Tab with 10%Discount

Open a drinks tab to allow other parents to have a tea & coffee. The drinks tab can be settled at the end of your party where we will apply a 10% discount. If you would like to open a drinks tab please advise a member of the party team on the day of your party.

Adult Pizzas & Large Bowl of Chips

Treat the parents to a selection of 3 handmade large pizzas & a large bowl of chips to share

Only £25

Add an optional theme to your party:




Paw Patrol


Peppa Pig



Each Theme includes:
Themed Plate
Themed Napkin
Themed Cup
Birthday child will receive a themed helium balloon

Only £2.00 per child

(Video) Marshall's Birthday Party

Please Call 0151 691 6030 or ask at our reception to make a booking and to enquire about availability

We are open from 09:30am – 6pm 7 days a week.We will require a provisional number of children for the party and a £50 deposit to confirm the booking.

Please try and give us an accurate provisional number as 2 of our booths have limits of 21 children. If more than 21 turn up our larger room may not be available on the day.

Final numbers must be confirmed 5 days before the party when we require the balance to be paid in full.

We can provide you with invites which are available to be collected from our reception.

What if some children do not turn up for the party?


Once numbers have been confirmed 5 days before the party we are unable to refund for no-shows but we can offer you an admission ticket for every child that doesn’t show (provided the number attending is not less than the minimum number required for your chosen party package).

(Video) The Kids Party Continuous Megamix

Can I pay in installments?


Yes, providing the final balance is paid 5 days in advance, you can pay as often as you like. Payments can be made by card in person and also over the phone. We are open daily from 9:30am to 6pm.

What time should we arrive?


Please arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to your party start time to meet your party host so we can take your birthday cake and guest list off you.
We are unable to allow guests into the building more than 10 minutes early as your party host will be busy setting up for your party.

Where do we sit?


Reserved seating will be provided upstairs in our dedicated party area during peak times. There is also access to the main play frame from our upstairs seating area. Off peak parties will be offered reserved seating downstairs. Our play frames have a number of access points downstairs and CCTV of the frames is shown on TVs throughout the building.

Do adults have to pay an admission fee?


We allow 1 adult for every child booked onto the party plus a few extra for the birthday child. Adults simply turn up with their invited child.

Can siblings attend?


Siblings are more than welcome to attend Bubbles’ World of Play and pay standard admission to play for the duration of the party. If you would like additional children to join the party we may be able to add them on the day at the standard rates providing we do not go over the capacity of the party room and we have enough notice to provide food and extra’s for them.

Can we stay after our party finishes?


(Video) Songs for Kids to Dance to 💙 Best Kid Friendly Party Music Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks etc

If you wish to stay longer you would have to be re-admitted into our system and pay standard admission. We will also require you to vacate the party area and reserved party seating to allow other party guests to enjoy their parties. Please note that our car park is locked at 6pm.

Can we bring decorations / party games?


You are more than welcome to bring balloons for your party providing you monitor them and they are not taken outside of the party area (due to H & S issues with ribbons etc). Unfortunately other decorations and games such as banners, piñatas, confetti, party poppers etc are not allowed for obvious health & safety reasons.

Can we bring a birthday cake?


You are more than welcome to bring a birthday cake and our party hosts will cut it for you (please advise how you would like it cutting). If you bring a cake, don’t forget the candles. Unfortunately sparkler type candles are not allowed as they interfere with our fire alarms and can cause burns. We are a nut free venue so please ensure any cakes do not contain traces of nuts.

Also please be mindful of allergies that some party guests may have and communicate the ingredients with your guests.

One of the guests has specific dietary requirements, can you cater for them?


Please advise us when you are booking your party so we can make alternative food arrangements for those children.

Can customers supply adult food?


Sorry, only food and drink purchased from Bubbles may be consumed within the building. We do sell pre-booked adult food platters and cakes; adult meals can also be ordered from our food counters on both floors.

Can we bring our own entertainer?


(Video) Topsy & Tim 228 - BIRTHDAY PARTY | Full Episodes | Shows for Kids | HD | NEW

Unfortunately we are unable to allow external entertainment due to security & safety issues.


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