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18th Birthday Gifts Australia

Looking for a gift when someone turns 18 can be a fun and exciting excursion, especially since most people prefer to give than receive. Finding the perfect gift, then giving that gift to someone and anticipating their reaction is a heartwarming, rewarding experience when you know you've nailed the gift.

Gifts Australia understands the importance of spoiling an 18 year old on their birthday. It's the first milestone birthday that signifies the jump from childhood into adulthood, and with it comes grown up activities like drinking responsibly, voting, and paying taxes. Before life gets too serious for them, it's only right that they receive the best 18th birthday present ever.

Personalised Gifts

Giving a personalised gift as a 18th birthday gift shows that you've put a lot of thought into their big day. It means you've taken the time to find something not only that they'll love, but also made it special and personal to them.

Gifts Australia has many personalised gifts that will appeal to 18 year olds. Functional everyday accessories like a leather wallet with their initials or short nickname monogrammed in gold embossing is an elegant touch. A matching leather keychain with the same monogram makes a classy and practical gift for new adults.


Jewellery is another ideal gift that can be engraved with a special message or initials and is the type of present that will be cherished forever.

Don't forget, all gift orders come with a free card which you can personalise with your own message to the new 18-year-old. Not only that, but all orders over $99 receive free delivery within Australia too.

Gift Cards

When you want to really spoil and impress, a gift certificate for a something extravagant and extraordinary will do the trick.

Turning 18 is a major life event worth the best experiences on offer. Think tandem skydiving onto one of Australia's beautiful beaches or a scenic helicopter flight over the city. If you think they'd like something a bit less extreme, consider a photography lesson, macaron cooking class, a drive in a luxury sports car or a relaxing massage at a day spa. Gifts Australia has countless experience gift vouchers that will catapult a young adult into their new wonderful world of independence.

18th Birthday Ideas For Girls

Gifts Australia has many 18th birthday gift ideas for girls. We've narrowed the search for the best gift into categories to make your search easier. Girls love fashion accessories like designer handbags, totes, and jewellery and they all make stylish gifts for any 18 year old. The Palas Silver Open Heart Charm is a gorgeous pendant to be worn on a charm bracelet or necklace. What young woman wouldn't adore a new designer Black Leather Tote Bag with personalised monogram of up to four letters? This stunning bag is perfect as a purse and it's large enough to carry her laptop too.

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Keepsakes are other popular gifts for milestone birthdays. The 18 Blush Champagne flute is perfect paired with a fine bottle of French champagne which features largely in our hamper gift range. There's nothing quite like receiving a luxury pamper hamper with all your favourite treats inside. Our gift baskets typically include champagne, still or sparkling wine, gourmet edibles, chocolate sweets, and quality skincare. Scroll through our selection of hampers to find the best one for your birthday girl.

18th Birthday Gifts For Boys

Do you think boys are harder to buy for than girls? At Gifts Australia, we're positive you will find countless 18th birthday ideas for your birthday boy. Gift cards are always going to be a top choice for a boy's birthday. And we have so many that will thrill boys and nurture their sense of adventure and need for speed.

Thrill-seeking boys (and girls too) will be delighted to receive a skydive voucher for their birthday. Let them experience the natural rush of adrenaline as they plummet towards the earth at 200kmph whilst strapped to an experienced, professional skydiver. After a birthday so extreme, they'll feel confident to achieve anything they set their mind to.

Setting off into adulthood means being responsible and taking care of yourself. A personal gift of an embossed leather wallet, wash bag, overnight bag or a shave kit will let them go off into the world with style.

Being legally allowed to drink beer is something teenagers anticipate so naturally a Microbreweries of Australia hamper is a great way to introduce some of the country's favourite beer. It wouldn't be an 18th without poking fun at the birthday boy. Our range of humorous novelty gifts will give hours of laughter and fun during and after the party.

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What are the best personalised 18th birthday gifts?

Personalisation of a special gift sends a big message. Choose something that can be engraved such as a dainty necklace with their initials, nickname or an affectionate term of endearment. Parents may choose the words 'best kid' or simply, 18 on a silver bracelet or nameplate necklace or pendent.

Gifts Australia has several options for practical gifts that can be custom embossed. At 18, it's common to go off travelling so a personalised luggage tag, overnight bag, key chain, laptop case or stylish clutch would be ideal. Our Brown Leather East West Messenger Bag with Monogram is another functional and luxury carry bag with space for four letters to be stamped on the front.

All orders from Gifts Australia receive a free birthday card that you can personalise during check-out. Just type your message into the space provided and we will make sure your words are printed into your free gift card and added to your chosen 18th birthday gift that will be beautifully wrapped by our skilled staff.

Is gift card a good 18th birthday gift?

Gift vouchers and cards for an experience or a nominated dollar amount to spend at Gifts Australia make excellent gifts for an 18th birthday or any special occasion. If you're not quite sure what to give at upcoming birthday parties, opt for the dollar amount instant voucher. This means the recipient can order whatever they want, when they want, or put the voucher amount towards a larger item on our website. Teens can be fussy so rather than stress over it, this is a great option.

If you know the 18 year old will go bananas for an experience such as a tandem skydive or a surf lesson at Bondi Beach, then definitely go that route. Not only will they be forever grateful for such a generous gift, your heart will swell seeing their beaming smiles.

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What can be the best 18th birthday gift for a girl?

When choosing the best 18th birthday gift for a girl, think about their likes and dislikes. Does she like fashion and wear makeup? Gifts of fashionable leather handbags, cosmetic bags full of new make-up and pamper hampers with wine make ideal girly gifts for an 18 year old.

If you want to give an experience over a material gift, think of something that she wouldn't buy for herself. Choose something that will bring smiles, laughter, and overwhelming feelings of aliveness and gratitude.

Skydiving, scenic flights, hot air ballooning, scuba diving, jet boat rides, canyoning, travel flight vouchers or an extreme flight over Sydney on the Red Bull Air Race plane are all sure to make her heart soar and her tummy flip.

What's the best gift for a boy on his 18th birthday?

Sourcing the best gift for a boy on his 18th birthday is made easy at Gifts Australia. We certainly have an abundance of suitable gifts for all kinds of 18-year-old boys but it will depend on the individual.

Consider his hobbies and his favourite things to do in his spare time. Does he like travelling? Many Australian 18 year olds leave home on the big OE (overseas experience) during this stage of life so it makes sense to give him a gift that will see him travel well and in style. Monogramed luggage tags will ensure he picks up the right suitcase from the airport baggage carousel.

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For some birthday humour, how about the Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump book or the Insults and Comebacks book to get a few giggles. Boys are also notorious for loving extreme adventures, so it makes sense to indulge them on this milestone birthday. Give him a memorable experience of a tandem skydive or a drive in his favourite luxury car to make his day shine.


What is a nice gift for a debutant? ›

Looking For A Gift For A Debutante? Here Are 10 Classic Gift Ideas
  • Skincare kit.
  • Makeup kit.
  • Hairstyling tools.
  • Jewelry.
  • Clothing.
  • Pampering gift.
  • Portable speakers.
  • Phone projector.
12 Sept 2022

What do you give someone for their birthday in Australia? ›

  • Cheese Hampers.
  • Gourmet Hampers.
  • Homeware Hampers.
  • Wine Hampers.
  • Spirit Hampers.
  • Beer & Cider Hampers.
  • No Alcohol Hampers.
  • Baby Hampers.

What should I get my 18-year-old daughter? ›

The Best Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls of 2022
  • Birdrock Home Adjustable 14-Position Floor Chair. ...
  • Adidas Women's Adilette Aqua Slide. ...
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition Switch. ...
  • Joycuff Inspirational Bracelets for Women. ...
  • JBL Go 3 Speaker. ...
  • Verilux HappyLight Lucent Therapy Lamp. ...
  • Champion Women's Powerblend Fleece Hoodie.
21 Aug 2022

What are symbolic gifts? ›

Gifts using these symbols include jewelry, sacred art, book covers and decorated clothing. A woman who is a follower of a specific spiritual tradition might appreciate a gift that includes a symbol that is specific to her faith.

What are 18 treasures? ›

Not everyone is requested to be a part of a debutante's 18 Treasures.
What matters is giving her something that will guide her on the path to adolescence.
  • Journal. ...
  • Beauty kit. ...
  • Inspiring wall art. ...
  • Sweets stash. ...
  • Inspirational books. ...
  • Monogrammed leather bag. ...
  • Scrapbook.

Do you bring gifts to a debut? ›

Guests are not expected to give gifts to the debutante. However, if guests wish to do something, sending a bouquet of flowers to the young lady's home prior to the event is most acceptable.

What are sentimental gifts? ›

Sentimental gifts are physical manifestations of precious memories, inside jokes, or personal connections between family and friends.

What is famous product in Australia? ›

Starting from gemstones, Tim Tams to wine, Australia has much to offer to its visitors when it comes to shopping. People can purchase things like Opal gemstones, Kangaroo leather products, vegemite, tree tea oil, Australian wine, traditional arts and handicrafts and many more.

What is the best birthday present? ›

Special Birthday Present Ideas for Best Friends
  1. Engraved Photo Jewelry. Personalized photo jewelry is the best way to show your best friend how much you appreciate them. ...
  2. Best Friend Mugs. ...
  3. Spa and Pampering Basket. ...
  4. DIY Photo Candle. ...
  5. DIY Lavender Soap. ...
  6. DIY Lip Balm. ...
  7. Custom Photo Puzzles.
8 Dec 2021

What skills should an 18-year-old have? ›

The 18 Life Skills Every 18-Year-Old Needs
  • The ability to talk to strangers. ...
  • The ability to complain effectively. ...
  • Self-control. ...
  • Enough skills to find paid employment, even if it's just part-time. ...
  • Know how to dress for a job once they get it. ...
  • Know how an ATM, debit and credit cards work.
28 Apr 2016

What is a special gift? ›

Special Gift are for someone who is completely special and close to heart who mean a lot in their life. The special person in someone lives has to be now and then be treated with some surprising gifts which created the spontaneous smile in the special one's face.

What can I gift myself on my birthday? ›

Here are 12 good ideas.
  • A too-expensive candle. Put it on some books! ...
  • A holiday skincare set. It's called the Glossy Posse. ...
  • A KNIFE! A knife! ...
  • That diffuser you've meaning to buy. This is the year. ...
  • A blanket you'll use forever. ...
  • Just like, a cake. ...
  • Stationery. ...
  • Stamps with your face on them.
30 Oct 2019

What are 18 roses? ›

In a "debut," a Philippine coming of age ceremony, 18 roses are given to signify the 18 most important people in your life. These can be family members, friends, teachers, or mentors. In the Jewish tradition, 18 is the Hebrew word for alive, or chai.

What are 18 candles? ›

The debutante also has 18 or 9 "candles", presented by female friends or relations. Each delivers a short speech about her relationship with the celebrant and any special greeting, and lights a candle that is either in her hand or placed in a stand.

What are the 18 for debut? ›

18 Roses. The 18 roses is another traditional part of a debut. During this program, the debutante dances with 18 special men in her life, which can include her father, brothers, and friends. The last male to dance with the debutante is typically her escort or special someone.

What do parents wear to a debutante ball Australia? ›


Debutante Mothers are required to wear Floor Length Formal Gowns. The colors of the gowns should be bright and brilliant. Avoid the colors of white (reserved for Debutantes) and black. Gloves (required for Debutantes, optional for other females) must be purchased.

Is it OK to wear black to a debut? ›

While women's black tie looks should be classy and traditional (and if the event is in the winter, darker colors would be more appropriate), don't be afraid of color! Well, except one color. Many debutante balls require the debutantes to wear white gowns (some even require a full skirt).

Is it rude to show up to a birthday party without a gift? ›

If someone is spending so much to make his/her guests enjoy on his/her special day, it is the duty of the guests to give a birthday gift in return. Hence, one should never go to a birthday party without a gift. Everyone has a way to express love and most of the time, it is expressed by presenting something.

What is the best gift you can give someone? ›

The Six Greatest Gifts You Can Give Your Loved Ones (Plus Audio Tips on Achieving Goals)
  • Your Presence. This means making it a priority to spend time with them — if they are truly important, you can make the time. ...
  • Your Love. ...
  • Your Compassion. ...
  • A Voice. ...
  • A Healthy Lifestyle. ...
  • Your Belief in Them.

How do you give the perfect gift? ›

Let's recap the eight strategies for how to pick gifts:
  1. Give Problem-Solvers.
  2. Don't Give them More Problems.
  3. Be Practical, Not Flashy.
  4. Don't Be So Thoughtful.
  5. When They Say, “I Have Everything I Need,” Give Yourself.
  6. Give Gifts that Keep On Giving.
  7. Put the “Present” in Presentation.
  8. Always Buy the Best.
5 Jul 2022

What gifts do Australians like? ›

  • Aussie Children's Books.
  • Hand Creams / Soaps.
  • Koala Gifts.
  • Magnets.
  • Tim Tams.
  • Toys.

What types of gifts are given in Australia? ›

Generally, gift-giving is not part of Australian business culture. But, if you are invited to a home for dinner, it's permissible to bring a token gift of flowers, chocolates, a craft from your home region, or wine. An illustrated book from your home region can be another welcome gift.

What foods can you only get in Australia? ›

Foods only available in Australia: Vegemite, Chiko rolls, fairy bread, Milo, Lamingtons and Twisties | — Australia's leading news site.

What is the most popular brand in Australia? ›

Australia's biggest supermarket chain, Woolworths has maintained its spot as the most valuable brand in Australia for the third consecutive year, following a 9% boost to its brand value to reach AU$13.7 billion.

What is Australia best known for? ›

Australia is known for many things, including swathes of tropical beaches, marine reserves, Aboriginal culture, cute koalas, rolling wine country, and lush rainforests.

What should I get for my birthday 2022? ›

The 30 Best Birthday Gifts of 2022 to Mark the Big Day
  • Uncommon Goods Whiskey Making Kit at Uncommon Goods. ...
  • Masterclass Virtual Cooking Class at ...
  • Mysa Wine Natural Wine Club Subscription at ...
  • Society6 Elegant Black Marble Wine Chiller at ...
  • Style Dahlia Custom Phrase Mug at Etsy.
9 Apr 2022

What gift do girls like? ›

If she is a traditional woman, a pretty outfit (a salwar suit or a saree), home linens, a trip to a religious place, or membership of a meditation and yoga centre can be very nice and thoughtful gifts. Along with that, feng shui gifts, Idols of Buddha or Ganesha also put a big smile on their face.

What is best gift for girls? ›

Gifts for Girls Online - FNP
Gift Types For GirlsGift Ideas for Women
GiftsHandbags, Accessories, Jewellery, Spa Hampers
FlowersRoses, Flower Bouquet, Flowers with Cake
CakesWhite Forest, Personalise Cake, Eggless Cakes
Personalized GiftsCushions, Photo Frames, Table tops, Bottle Lamps

Is 18 years old still a child? ›

In the United States, a child becomes an adult legally when they turn 18 years old. However, “adults” can mean different things when you ask different people. Let's find out what it means to become an adult according to parents, the law, and science.

What should you do before turning 18? ›

18 things you *have* to do before you turn 18
  • Learn how to drive. ...
  • See your favorite band in concert. ...
  • Say yes to something that scares you. ...
  • Cook an entire meal by yourself. ...
  • Go on a social-media detox. ...
  • Find your style. ...
  • Apply to your dream college. ...
  • Pull an all-nighter.

What is the most important thing for a teenager? ›

  1. 1 Family is Important. Although teens often give the impression they'd rather be doing almost anything other than spending time with their family, this is not the case. ...
  2. 2 Structure, Trust and Respect. Authority, rules and limits are all important in a teenager's life. ...
  3. 3 Time with Friends. ...
  4. 4 School and Other Things.

Why is 18th birthday special? ›

Turning 18 is a significant highlight as your child steps into his or her adulthood. The 18th birthday milestone carries a lot of great privileges as well as serious legal implications; When your child turns 18, they will become an adult in the eyes of the law.

What is the color for 18th birthday? ›

18th birthday themes

The official color for celebrating the 18th birthday is blue.

What do teenagers worry about? ›

It's normal for teenagers to worry about things. Some common teenage issues are schoolwork, stress, bullying and body image. If your child's worry about teenage issues won't go away, you can do lots of things to help.

What does a teenager need? ›

These basic needs are: Belonging, Power, Enjoyment and Independence. This applies to teenagers as well. Because this is a time of tremendous social and emotional growth, these needs are even stronger. Belonging means feeling like a part of something, being accepted.

Is an 18th birthday special? ›

Turning 18 is a significant highlight as your child steps into his or her adulthood. The 18th birthday milestone carries a lot of great privileges as well as serious legal implications; When your child turns 18, they will become an adult in the eyes of the law.

What should I do for my 18th birthday boy? ›

18th Birthday Ideas for Guys That Are Actually Fun
  • Airsofting or Paintball. If you've never tried airsoft or paintball before, you're missing out on a whole lot of birthday fun! ...
  • Rock Climbing. ...
  • Road Trip. ...
  • Go Kart Racing. ...
  • Escape Room. ...
  • Sports Event. ...
  • Mini Golf. ...
  • Bowling.

What should I do for my 18th birthday Australia? ›

Epic 18th birthday experience gift ideas
  • Treetop zipline adventure, Southern Highlands. ...
  • Swimming with whale sharks, Exmouth. ...
  • Canyoning, Blue Mountains. ...
  • V8 Race Car lap drives, Eastern Creek. ...
  • Jet skiing, Rockingham. ...
  • Sailing trip, Whitsundays. ...
  • White water rafting, Tully River. ...
  • Quad Bikes, Port Stephens.

What can I say to my daughter on her 18th birthday? ›

  • Never be afraid of failure. ...
  • You're enough. ...
  • Life can really, really suck—but it's beautiful most of the time. ...
  • Be yourself, no matter where you are or who you're with.
  • Time really does fly — so be present.
  • Work hard — but not TOO hard.
  • Make sure you do something you enjoy every single day.

How can I make my 18th birthday special? ›

18th Birthday ideas: What to do for your 18th birthday!
  1. Have a spa day. ...
  2. Go hiking. ...
  3. Enjoy a luxury picnic. ...
  4. Head to the bowling alley. ...
  5. Have a movie night marathon. ...
  6. Take an 18th birthday celebration weekend trip. ...
  7. Treat yourself to old fashioned cake and ice cream at home. ...
  8. Host a video game party.
13 Aug 2022

What is the color for 18th birthday? ›

18th birthday themes

The official color for celebrating the 18th birthday is blue.

How can I celebrate my 18th birthday at home? ›

Unique 18th Birthday Party Ideas
  1. Scavenger Hunt. Throw a scavenger hunt party for the honoree. ...
  2. Breakfast for Dinner Party. Is the birthday boy or girl an especially big fan of breakfast? ...
  3. Firework Party. ...
  4. Zombie Tag. ...
  5. Sports Party. ...
  6. Adventure Party. ...
  7. Photo Booth Party. ...
  8. Dinner Party.
26 Feb 2020

Do you bring gifts to a debut? ›

Guests are not expected to give gifts to the debutante. However, if guests wish to do something, sending a bouquet of flowers to the young lady's home prior to the event is most acceptable.

What are sentimental gifts? ›

Sentimental gifts are physical manifestations of precious memories, inside jokes, or personal connections between family and friends.

What do 18 roses symbolize? ›

In a "debut," a Philippine coming of age ceremony, 18 roses are given to signify the 18 most important people in your life. These can be family members, friends, teachers, or mentors. In the Jewish tradition, 18 is the Hebrew word for alive, or chai.

What can we gift to a boy? ›

When choosing a gift for your boyfriend, you'll want to opt for something personal and (most likely) inexpensive. We recommend handwritten cards, cute candies, and small items that show you pay attention to the details. For example, if he always has hot sauce in his bag, you can gift him an artisanal flavor.

What can I write to my son on his birthday? ›

Short and Sweet Birthday Wishes for Your Son
  • May all your wishes come true today and every day. ...
  • You're the best thing that ever happened to me. ...
  • I admire the strong, young man you've become. ...
  • Time to eat cake and celebrate. ...
  • Happy birthday to my handsome son!
  • I hope your special day is as wonderful as you!
24 May 2022

What can I write to my son? ›

As your mom, it is my privilege to impart these important truths to you.
  • Be true to yourself always. ...
  • Live your own dreams. ...
  • Don't take life so seriously. ...
  • Love and accept yourself unconditionally. ...
  • Don't be afraid to take risks. ...
  • Find your soulmate. ...
  • Know that I love you and will always be there for you.
10 Aug 2015


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