Weekend Snapshots from the Prairies

I had the best time ever in Saskatoon & Regina. The people are what make these small communities so vibrant and exciting to visit. Both cities are brimming with local talent & fresh ideas and I would say that it is in these smaller centers that I make friends that last a lifetime. A huge thank you to Dane, Emilio & Noor for hosting me this weekend, love you all! 


Skylab is doing an excellent job featuring and supporting artists in central Canada and beyond. With a taste for outer space, the label is homegrown and ALL LOVE. They recently put out a record by a friend of mine Krystle Love B! 


Underground Sound Canada is taking huge, thoughtful strides to bring all the best elements of nightlife, expression, experience and music together under one roof. Their fully loaded blog, podcast and community is highly curated and done to help put Canada on top. I am really excited to see where they go next! I think it's going to be a big year from them. Highly recommend their podcasts.

Above are some really great photos of me touring around Saskatchewan with my rich and influential friends in all my various art forms (LOL + JK) !! All photos taken of course on the inside of The Artful Dodger, which I might add, is the coolest venue space I've seen in middle Canada so far. I cant say enough about how great the locals are XOX