Back at Habitat Living Sound for My Birthday Bash w/Matt Caine


4 years ago, our great friend Kriya brought wonder bread, processed cheese & whip cream to Habitat for Matt Caine & I's birthday party. Nobody knows why, but she thought it would be a good idea at the time. Probably because we would need to eat a sandwich before getting into any moving vehicle at the end of the night. Half way through the night and after a good many beverages, I was rolling up bread centers and making them into balls and throwing them all over the bar. In true "bad child" nature, we made a huge mess of the club; bread masks, bread in our hair, bread everywhere. Somehow, a year later, the bread returned and this time the crowd got into the routine of bread balls, bread tossing and general act-a-fool behaviour and "The Wonder Years" stuck. Here we are, year 4. What will happen next? 

If you take a look up at the ceiling at Habitat near the front door, you will see our plastic pet bird Howard. He's wearing a piece of wonder bread from the 2015 edition of the Wonder Years. Not too many people notice him, but he is a constant reminder to not take things too seriously. His bread is now wrapped in spider webs left over from Halloween. People respect Howard's bread dress as the seasons turn. We hope to adorn him in a fresh slice next week for another good year.

Come have some fun :)