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Back at Habitat Living Sound for My Birthday Bash w/Matt Caine


4 years ago, our great friend Kriya brought wonder bread, processed cheese & whip cream to Habitat for Matt Caine & I's birthday party. Nobody knows why, but she thought it would be a good idea at the time. Probably because we would need to eat a sandwich before getting into any moving vehicle at the end of the night. Half way through the night and after a good many beverages, I was rolling up bread centers and making them into balls and throwing them all over the bar. In true "bad child" nature, we made a huge mess of the club; bread masks, bread in our hair, bread everywhere. Somehow, a year later, the bread returned and this time the crowd got into the routine of bread balls, bread tossing and general act-a-fool behaviour and "The Wonder Years" stuck. Here we are, year 4. What will happen next? 

If you take a look up at the ceiling at Habitat near the front door, you will see our plastic pet bird Howard. He's wearing a piece of wonder bread from the 2015 edition of the Wonder Years. Not too many people notice him, but he is a constant reminder to not take things too seriously. His bread is now wrapped in spider webs left over from Halloween. People respect Howard's bread dress as the seasons turn. We hope to adorn him in a fresh slice next week for another good year.

Come have some fun :) 


Weekend Snapshots from the Prairies

I had the best time ever in Saskatoon & Regina. The people are what make these small communities so vibrant and exciting to visit. Both cities are brimming with local talent & fresh ideas and I would say that it is in these smaller centers that I make friends that last a lifetime. A huge thank you to Dane, Emilio & Noor for hosting me this weekend, love you all! 


Skylab is doing an excellent job featuring and supporting artists in central Canada and beyond. With a taste for outer space, the label is homegrown and ALL LOVE. They recently put out a record by a friend of mine Krystle Love B! 


Underground Sound Canada is taking huge, thoughtful strides to bring all the best elements of nightlife, expression, experience and music together under one roof. Their fully loaded blog, podcast and community is highly curated and done to help put Canada on top. I am really excited to see where they go next! I think it's going to be a big year from them. Highly recommend their podcasts.

Above are some really great photos of me touring around Saskatchewan with my rich and influential friends in all my various art forms (LOL + JK) !! All photos taken of course on the inside of The Artful Dodger, which I might add, is the coolest venue space I've seen in middle Canada so far. I cant say enough about how great the locals are XOX

New DJ MIX: Experiments #1


I did up a little experimental afternoon mix last Friday featuring some music I've been feeling lately including a few local artists and labels. Super moody, slow and kinda trippy I guess. A departure from my usual high energy mixes. Full stream up on Mixcloud right now. Enjoy <3 

Here are some freebies of the first two tracks in the mix: 


Esette at MEME Festival In Winnipeg!

MEMETIC has just announced a teaser of 3 artists for the 2016 Winnipeg based urban summer festival. I couldn't be more excited to be on this line up for a second time; Winnipeg holds a special place in my heart with some of Canada's most hearty and wonderful friends I have made in the business over the years, it always feels like more of a home coming than a guest appearance in this wonderful city. Summer time is a sweaty mess in Winnipeg as you can see in this photo, I think my clothing turned into jello by the end of my set last year and I was demanding the infamous white towel which is perhaps a first for me in history. Looking forward to hanging out with Jon Delerious, Demuir and many, many more again this summer for another round of beat the heat at MEME! Find more info here & watch my set from last year below! See you soon Winnipeg!

When You Meet Friends and You Dont Know They're Friends Yet.

I met Giom at WMC in 2008 in the hotel lobby of one of the somewhat run down and overpriced hotels on Collins Avenue. Raoul Belmans (Swirl People) was spread out over a red chaise longue preparing his set for the night, Peter Christianson of LCG was showing me the first generation of iPhone and I remember telling him he was a nerd and absolutely nuts for wanting to be that "plugged in". I have only a vague memory of Carlos wearing a striped golf shirt. Either way the scene was pre-club and post afternoon drinks and I was having one of my favourite times at a festival with people that I consider to be some of the best industry people I've ever met.

When house music took a dive for the worst in 2008, most of these guys, just as I did, took a step back from house and we all went off and pursued new projects, joined bands. got married, got real jobs, whatever. Giom always stayed in touch and it was like no time had passed when we ran into each other again at ADE in 2015. To make a long story short, he ended up being interested in one of my tracks with Piper Davis for his label Supremus. I was super pleased to open the Supremus newsletter this month to find a little shoutout for me. That made my day. 

Thank you Giom & old friends for sticking around. I appreciate you! 

We're Throwing A Techno Party!

After working in clubs for the last few years I realized that a key component of why I love Djing is missing from the atmosphere in Calgary. I want late night parties and I want them to be cool and not inhibited by club owners and sales targets. I want cheap beer, good music, late hours & good friends. So some bad ass bitches named Overland & Donna Dada and I decided to start and we are throwing our first party on February 14th. Let's face it, your only real love is music....Call the info line and get in our time machine!