When You Meet Friends and You Dont Know They're Friends Yet.

I met Giom at WMC in 2008 in the hotel lobby of one of the somewhat run down and overpriced hotels on Collins Avenue. Raoul Belmans (Swirl People) was spread out over a red chaise longue preparing his set for the night, Peter Christianson of LCG was showing me the first generation of iPhone and I remember telling him he was a nerd and absolutely nuts for wanting to be that "plugged in". I have only a vague memory of Carlos wearing a striped golf shirt. Either way the scene was pre-club and post afternoon drinks and I was having one of my favourite times at a festival with people that I consider to be some of the best industry people I've ever met.

When house music took a dive for the worst in 2008, most of these guys, just as I did, took a step back from house and we all went off and pursued new projects, joined bands. got married, got real jobs, whatever. Giom always stayed in touch and it was like no time had passed when we ran into each other again at ADE in 2015. To make a long story short, he ended up being interested in one of my tracks with Piper Davis for his label Supremus. I was super pleased to open the Supremus newsletter this month to find a little shoutout for me. That made my day. 

Thank you Giom & old friends for sticking around. I appreciate you!