Esette at MEME Festival In Winnipeg!

MEMETIC has just announced a teaser of 3 artists for the 2016 Winnipeg based urban summer festival. I couldn't be more excited to be on this line up for a second time; Winnipeg holds a special place in my heart with some of Canada's most hearty and wonderful friends I have made in the business over the years, it always feels like more of a home coming than a guest appearance in this wonderful city. Summer time is a sweaty mess in Winnipeg as you can see in this photo, I think my clothing turned into jello by the end of my set last year and I was demanding the infamous white towel which is perhaps a first for me in history. Looking forward to hanging out with Jon Delerious, Demuir and many, many more again this summer for another round of beat the heat at MEME! Find more info here & watch my set from last year below! See you soon Winnipeg!