Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year Nomination at BreakOut West!

Well my day got exciting today after learning that I'd been nominated for "Best Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year" for the BreakOut West awards here in Western Canada alongside Dirty Radio, Iskwé, Kytami & I.M.U.R. Now, I don't make music or participate in this culture to win awards, but surely as many know, I am involved in developing my local community to a sustainable place where the music business is thriving for me and my fellow artists so we can stay in Western Canada. If being nominated for an award like this raises awareness for the things that I work on to better our community, I'll take it. The real MVPS are the people out there coming to our shows, buying our music and helping us share our stories and the promoters who tirelessly book us and try their hardest to help us. 

2016 was an extremely challenging year for me. I suffered a sever physical injury that knocked me out of my music-making routine and took compromised my major summer touring and show season. I took on too many projects early in the year which after the injury, distracted me and used all of my energy up to execute and ultimately, I ended my year in a state of breakdown albeit in the face of some extremely successful projects. I was not sure if I was going to keep doing music. I wanted to quit. It was the coming forward of friends and other artists urging me to keep going because my music and contribution was valuable that has me still here. So, thank you to all of you for doing that, for keeping me accountable for my dreams and not letting them slip away. This culture has given so much to me over the years, (now 20 years), and I want to make sure we can keep it going for the future kids and people who find their identity and solace through their expression of electronic music, and of course those late night dance floors that we all love so much <3 Big love and big thanks. 

- Isis

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I am pretty excited to have my first release on Vinyl since 2008 out on a wonderful DIY label O*RS out of Leipzig, Germany. The label is run by Filburt & a great gang of artists and contributors. You can also get digital copies of the tracks on the EP via Beatport, iTunes etc. But that vinyl & cover art! *Swoon*

Dunmore Park in 5 Magazine Chicago

The freshman EP by my good pal Andrew Williams aka Dunmore Park hit stores this week and people have some really nice things to say about it so far. I'm not surprised; when I first heard this new project by Andrew, I knew right away it was special, unique and remixing it was a no brainer. I was so glad to bring something to the table for the launch of this project. 

5 Chicago had some very nice things to say about the release

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Preview "The Rise" featuring Piper Davis + Remixes by Giom & Neighbour Now!

Was pretty excited today to see the promos for my forthcoming release with my best friend and vocalist Piper Davis hit our inboxes today. This record features super hot remixes by Giom & Neighbour and an extra super special top secret remix to be revealed later this summer. 

The release is slated for July 4 worldwide. And I'm pretty excited! Here's a tease of the artwork. You'll have to turn up at one of my sets in the coming weeks to hear the tunes ;) 

Check out the full Supremus back catalog for some other music heat including Fred Everything, Doza, Palmer & more!

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Sad Days!

Hey friends, I'm sorry to report that I will not be able to perform at Vibrant Festival this weekend because my tent attacked me and as a result I've been left with some minor damages to my Left eye. (One day we will laugh about this) A full recovery is to be expected but I'm on bed rest until the pressure in my eye drops and the bleeding stops. A huge thank you to the incredibly professional staff and volunteers at Vibrant Music Festival for helping me get the medical attention I needed. Thank you Crissana, Jamie & Mike for going the extra mile and I am so sorry to have to miss my set! The festival looked fantastic when I left last night, I'm sure this weekend is set to be a memorable one for all who attended! "See" you all next time ;)XOX

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