It all started when...

Founded in 2003 by Krista Thibodeau (Molly Fi), an aspiring Deejay at the time, Girls on Decks was her response to the overly competitive and largely male dominated climate in the dance music industry in Calgary. She felt there was little support for the up and coming female acts in Alberta, there was no place just for girls. Krista enlisted help from two other emerging artists, Isis Graham and Jenny Ellis (Adrenacrone) and the three formed the Original Three G.O.Ds. Carrying on with the mandate of creating opportunities for others to play and supporting woman in the arts; the three set forth on their adventure. 

Girls on Decks went on to host and book over 70 shows throughout Calgary since 2003 gaining momentum and strength in numbers. Each year that went by, bore different challenges and successes for the group, particularly in 2010 when Molly Fi briefly moved away. The collective suffered during this time, newly married Ellis was creating a family and Isis Graham was distracted with a band project in Vancouver. But the return of Molly and the addition of fresh faces and ideas later that year, the girls were set up for the most successful year yet. With the rotation of Deejays growing at a rapid rate, girls on decks transformed into a collective, taking on new girls and genres as well as opening the doors for live performances, femcees and collaborators including locals Blair Van Riesen, Rebecca Dawn, Krystle Love B, Politique Queen, Beaudray Fraser and Yolanda Seargant.

A unique attribute about G.O.D is the indefinite place hold in Calgary's gay and lesbian community. G.O.D having sprouted from the only gay club Detours in the late 90's, the girls then identified with the challenges that the LGTB family was undergoing. G.O.D has always been supportive in pride events in and around Calgary and always takes the first initiative of inclusion for LGBT Deejays and artists. An attribute that Graham feels is absolutely necessary for the overall health of our industry. The popular all girl promotional company LES GIRLS was inspired by the work of G.O.D. LES GIRLS and G.O.D consistently work parallel to each other on many events in Calgary.